SOLD OUT - ♡ Dazzle Fade Nail Polish Kit


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"Dazzle Fade" Using Dazzle Rock Nail Polish
Today I will be demonstrating for you one of the fastest and easiest ways to Dazzle Up your nails; Dazzle Fade Using Dazzle Rock Nail Polish. And this procedure is so versatile it can be done over natural nails, nail polish, gel and acrylic.
Have Fun,
Tammy Taylor


Tammy Demonstrates the "Summer Dreaming Collection" Video
♥Dazzle Fade Nail Polish Kit:

♥Dazzle Rocks Dazzle Me Up Stardust Nail Polish $4.95
♥Dazzle Rock Diamond Rhinestones 300 pak $5.95
♥Z- Coat (Non-Yellowing/High Shine/Top Coat) $7.50
♥Bubbles Nail Lacquer $4.75
♥Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer $4.75
♥Misty Day Nail Lacquer $4.75
♥Orangewood Stick $.30

Regular Price $32.95  Special Price Only $19.95