C-Curve for "acrylic" nails
Tammy Taylor invented the C-Curve for acrylic nails in the early 1980's
The C-Curve is for "strength" and for "beauty"


Tammy Taylor C-Curve notes...

C-Curve helps to narrow wide fingernails  
Hello Tammy,
I have a client who has wide nails.
How can I (if at all possible) make her nails look a little more narrow? Please help!

Joyce Hargrave

The C-Curve really helps make a nail more narrow. Apply the product to the nail and just before it dries squeeze in on the sides of the nail groove. If you want to perfect this procedure get my "9 Most Popular Procedures" video or my "Full Set of (Pink and White) Sculptured Nails" video.

Good Luck,
Tammy Taylor


C-Curve adds strength to the natural fingernail  
The strength of an acrylic nail is in the C-Curve.  The C-Curve is pinched just before the acrylic product sets up.  Notice the C-Curve in this picture.

Without a good C-Curve, an acrylic nail is weak, and can break easily, especially at the "smiley-face", where the Pink & the White join.  When making a good C-Curve, the acrylic nail can also be made much thinner, because the strength is in the C-Curve.

When an "archway" is built as a "square" it will fall.
When an "archway" is built as a "curve" it will withstand time.
The C-Curve also helps beautify "toenails".




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