The Tammy Taylor ‘Original’ Powder Colours

 Tammy Taylor products have 12 original powder colours.
6-Pink powders; 3-White powders; Peaches ‘n Cream; Natural & Clear.



The Pink & White powders are in order of darkness:

  • Pink – a very light opaque pink.  (P)
  • Clear Pink – a very light translucent pink.  (CP)
  • Dramatic Pink – a medium pink with a warm undertone.  (DP)
  • True Pink – a medium pink with a cool undertone; just a little pinker than dramatic pink.  (TP)
  • Pinkest Pink – a darker pink with a cool undertone.  (PP)
  • P3 – the darkest pink with a warm undertone.  (P3)
  • White – a very light white; looks like a natural free-edge.  (W)
  • Dramatic White – a medium white; very opaque, but not a stark white; looks natural.  (DW)
  • Whitest-White – a very opaque, stark white; it looks like a French manicure white.  (WW)
  • Competitive Edge Whitest-White - (CEWW, not shown) Dries slower and gives more time to create the smile-line.  Good for anyone having problems with their white drying too fast on the free-edge.  Great for Competitions.

All of the Pink powders and the White powders look beautiful together; to make Pink & White nails.

  • Natural powder – a mixture of white and clear; to be used over the entire nail as one color; used mostly for clients who wear color polish.  (N)
  • Peaches ‘n Cream powder – a light opaque peach; looks great on darker skin tones; used with any of the white powders at the free-edge; makes a beautiful French manicure.   (PC)
  • Clear powder – a multi-purpose powder used alone or with original powders; and as an overlay for Prizma powders.  (C)



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