Pedicure Chairs or Pedicure Thrones or Whirlpool "style" Spas
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Should you get a pedicure in a Salon that uses:
Pedicure Chairs? Or Pedicure Thrones? - Or A Better Choice...?

Article "Whirlpool Footspa Safety Fact Sheet":
from the State Board of Cosmetology of California, (PDF file)

NOT Recommended:
It is NOT
recommended that the “Spa pedicure chairs” be used for pedicures.  Some Salons are using them for their pedicures, but they are not easily cleaned, and can harbor bacteria.

Reason the chair is Not recommended: A thorough disinfecting MUST be implemented, and maintained in between every single client, throughout the day.  AND this disinfecting MUST absolutely be done immediately after any pedicure service.  And this cleaning process can even take an hour or two to complete.



A Better Choice for a Pedicure is the Pedicure TUB.
It is better to receive a pedicure using a simple pedicure tub
The pedicure tub
can be easily filled and emptied at the sink; and the tub is much easier to disinfect.  Use the Tammy Taylor "First Choice" to disinfect.

The Tammy Taylor “First Choice” concentrate disinfectant is the recommended disinfect for disinfecting the pedicure tub. 

The Tammy Taylor “Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect” spray is used to spray the "Station" (table, chairs & other hard surfaces) at the Station of the Technician, in between clients.


Simple pedicure tub being used. Simple pedicure tub showing water.

These small "tubs" above are portable and are relatively easy to disinfect, and very much easier to disinfect than the Chair or the Throne.






Not Recommended!
One type of Pedicure Chair or Pedicure Throne. 

Note: These chairs can be quite comfortable; and if they are properly disinfected,
per State (usually your State Board of Cosmetology) guidelines, they can be safe. 

Note 2: The Salon should be able to produce the written documentation showing
when the chair was last disinfected. 
Also, if you request a copy of the disinfecting documentation, and the Salon will not
give you a copy: Run do not walk out of this Salon immediately. 
Note 3:
It would be a good idea to report any Salon that does not have written
disinfecting documentation to your State Board of Cosmetology.

Not Recommended!
One type of Pedicure Chair or Pedicure Throne.  
The client sits in the higher chair, and the Technician sits in the lower roll-around chair.
This type of chair or throne is not recommended because it takes a qualified person to understand the written instructions on how to properly disinfect these types of chairs or
thrones; which includes disinfecting the plumbing; similar to a Jacuzzi setup, with jets
and recirculation of the water.










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