Maintenance for your "Natural" Nails
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Natural Nail Therapy


Maintenance for "Natural" fingernails
Natural Nail Therapy

Do you or anyone you know, have Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails?

The Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Therapy Kit" is designed especially for Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails, and it only takes 1 minute or less a day.

Natural nails need 3 important elements to keep them strong and healthy:

#1 Moisturizing
#2 Coating
#3 Filing

#1 Moisturizing
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Treat dry brittle nails by sealing in moisture, and keeping the Matrix healthy to promote healthy, strong Natural Fingernails.

Tammy Taylor "Peach Spa Cuticle Oil" is 100% natural; a delicate blend of vitamin enriched oils, specifically formulated to prevent and treat: brittle nails and cuticles naturally. Softens cuticles by replenishing the skin's natural oils, and acts as a moisturizing treatment for dry brittle nails, by sealing in moisture and keeping the Matrix of the nail healthy. The Matrix is commonly called "the Mother of the Nail", this is where the Natural Nail, grows from.

Daily to Moisturize: Apply a drop of Tammy Taylor "Peach Spa Cuticle Oil" to each nail and cuticle and massage.

To use as a quick dry:

  • After polishing nails, brush on or apply a drop over fresh nail polish.
  • Polish will dry up to 5 times faster than air-drying. A must have for women on the go!

#2 Coating
Build a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

Tammy Taylor "Nail Hardener Base Coat & Top Coat" is Formaldehyde Free, Toluene Free & DBP Free.
(Many other nail hardeners still contain Formaldehyde to harden the natural nail, which can cause the nail to become dry and brittle)
This Salon tested formula offers a special combination of ingredients to help those with Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Fingernails.


Just brush on a Coating of the Tammy Taylor "Nail Hardener" every 3 days and you will start seeing longer, thicker, harder & healthier looking natural fingernails.

  • Use as a Base Coat to help polish adhere better, and to strengthen the natural fingernails
  • Use as a Top Coat every 3 Days to extend the life of Manicures, and to keep natural fingernails HARD; not weak and flimsy
  • Dries Fast
#3 Filing
When Metal files, coarse emery boards and fingernail clippers are used on Natural Fingernails, this shreds the free-edge of the natural nail, causing peeling, breaking, splitting and cracking.

Your Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Shaper File" is one of your most important tools to promoting healthy, strong and long Natural Fingernails.
The Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Shaper File" has a Special Smooth filing surface, which is strong enough to shorten and fine enough to gently file Natural Fingernails, without ripping or tearing, which helps eliminate cracking, breaking, peeling and splitting; thus promoting healthy fingernail growth.

Use your Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Shaper File" continuously throughout the entire day, whenever you get a little snag or rough edge, file it immediately; this will prevent the Natural Fingernail from peeling and breaking.

Get your Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Therapy Kit" Today

Your Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Therapy Kit" Contains:

Tammy Taylor "Peach Spa Cuticle Oil"
Tammy Taylor "Nail Hardener Base Coat & Top Coat"
Tammy Taylor "Natural Nail Shaper File"
Tammy Taylor "Drawstring Logo Bag"









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