Reactions: Burning, Peeling, Itchiness, Bumps, Redness, puffiness, blistering, using a Drill, Allergic reaction...
(Some people say they have an allergic reaction)

How to Neutralize - Important to read

Reactions also include skin around cuticles peeling or cracking, and little red or white bumps around cuticle skin; and itchiness around cuticle skin area. 

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Description: Red, inflamed, itchy & burning sensation of the fingers and or cuticles.  Burning & Primer, and Allergic Reaction.
Cause 1: Usually these reactions and sensations are caused by over priming.
Cause 2: Using the Drill can thin natural fingernails - see #11 below
  See "Webolutionary" on how and when to use the Drill.
One Solution

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Reactions - Burning & Primer - Allergic Reaction, and how to Neutralize - Some will call this an allergic reaction, skin around cuticles peeling or cracking, itchiness, and little red or white bumps.

(red, inflamed, itchy & burning sensation of the fingers and or cuticles)

Two biggest culprits: Too much primer & primer applied too close to cuticle skin.

1. One area of concern is: Does the Technician use the Pterygium Stone after Etching with the Purple Terminator 100-grit file?

  • If the Pterygium skin (which grows on top of the fingernail) is not etched; it can soak up primer like a sponge.
  • This can cause sensations like: itching, burning and cracking.
  • Itching, burning and cracking is usually due to too much primer.

2. Does the Technician blot the primer brush on a towelette before applying the primer to the natural fingernail?

  • When the primer brush is not blotted – too much primer can be released onto the natural fingernail, and can then be soaked up like a sponge, by the pterygium skin.
  • The primer can also run over the tip of the free-edge and soak into the hyponychium skin, on the underside of the natural fingernail, and cause burning.

3. As a client, have you started any new medication?

4. As a client, are you exposing your hands to any chemicals?

5. Are you receiving a service, before the application of the acrylic nails; like: a Manicure? Or a Pedicure?

6. What are you or the Technician using to remove polish and/or top-coats?

7. What brand of primer is the Technician using?

8. Neutralize: IF the finger tips or cuticle skin start to Burn... Neutralize the primer.

  • Add 1 tablespoon of regular “baking soda” to 1 cup of tap water, and put into a bowl big enough for fingers. Mix and soak the fingers in this baking soda & water solution.
  • Soak fingers for about 10-20 minutes, to neutralize the primer.
  • Regular Baking soda (like Arm & Hammer) and water can neutralize primer.

9. Sometimes the cuticles & or the fingers can get red, inflamed, itchy & burning, even after you leave the Salon.

  • In this case, soak your fingers at home, in a baking soda & water solution.
10. Allergic reaction: A lot of people will refer to this “red, inflamed, itchy & burning sensation”, that is usually caused from “over-priming”, as being an allergic reaction. Since acrylic products do not produce any type of spores, and become inert when hard, the words "allergic reaction" should not be used.

11. Note on Drills – NEVER use the drill to Etch the natural fingernail:

  • The drilling of the natural fingernail causes thinning of the fingernail and can allow the primer to penetrate the natural fingernail. 
  • NEVER allow a drill to be used to Etch your fingernails.
  • ALL Etching should be done with a hand-file, preferably the “Purple Terminator 100-grit” file. (See #1 above.)








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