Description: A pseudomonas (aka: the Greenies or Mold) that appears as a green or brown spot; usually under artificial nails.
Cause: When an artificial nail lifts away from the natural nail, it allows moisture to be trapped.  Also, moisture may seep in between the artificial nail where it joins the free-edge of the nail.  The moisture content of a natural nail is about 18%.  When you cover the natural nail with an artificial nail, it raises the moisture content of the natural nail.  Mold can grow in a 23-25% moisture content.  Also, if there are dirty files, dirty dust brushes, dirty towels or dirty implements being used that came in to contact with these germs, it can be spread.

How To Prevent - What To Do

Tammy Taylor Products Needed:

Tammy Taylor Acetone.  


Tammy Taylor Glass Dappen Dish.  

Tammy Taylor Fresh Nail (for mold).  


How to Prevent

DO NOT glue down your artificial nail if it lifts; immediately go to your nail tech and get it fixed.  If you are having a problem and your artificial nails are lifting often, make sure you are going to a Tammy Taylor Exclusive Salon or a Tammy Taylor nail tech that is educated to eliminate these problems.  



What to do:  


Remove artificial nail with Tammy Taylor Acetone. 
(See how to soak off acrylic nails)  

Pour just enough Tammy Taylor Fresh Nail into a small dish to submerge the natural nail.  Leave 1 minute.  Throw away used fresh nail; it is now contaminated.  

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