Natural Fingernails


File to use:

  Natural Nail Shaper File

Kit to use:

Natural Nail Shine Kit
This kit includes:
Natural Nail Shiner "Block"
Natural Nail Shaper "File"
Nail & Cuticle Nourishment "1 oz. bottle"
Moisture Lotion "8 oz. bottle"
Length & Shape:The length and shape of your fingernail should be determined by your lifestyle.  A square or square-oval looks like a professional manicure.  Fingernails should never be filed oval or pointy under any circumstances.  This looks like you did them yourself and they will be weak and easily break.  
Very Active:
For the very active, a shorter, more square, fingernail is strongest and less likely to interfere in your activities.  
Less Active and More Careful:
A longer, square-oval
fingernail would be fine.  
fingernails should never have more than of an inch free-edge to insure strong, even and healthy fingernails.
How to choose a file:
 Run the file across your hand; if the
fingernail scratches your skin, it is too rough.


How to file fingernail:
File from corner to center three strokes on left side of free-edge; then corner to center, three strokes on right side of free-edge.

DO NOT use metal files or emery boards (too abrasive), as your fingernail will become brittle and start peeling.  Use the Tammy Taylor Natural Nail “A-Shine” Shaper; it is specially made for natural fingernails.

How NOT to file: 
Do Not SAW back and forth with your file on natural fingernails; this will cause peeling and brittleness.  

*DO NOT file the sides of your fingernail in the nail groove; this will cause breakage.   

** File one way at a time.

3 strokes left ... then ... 3 strokes right


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