Description: Fingernails that are not too thin, not too brittle and just right; except they won’t grow.  (Fingernails with white spots are normal.  Taking care of your fingernails will help get rid of this)
Cause:   Your fingernails won’t grow because they need a little attention.  Remember your fingernails are “Jewels not Tools”.

Monthly - Weekly - Daily

Tammy Taylor Products Needed:  

Normal Nails Kit :  Comes complete with all products listed below, including the Natural Nail Shine Kit and Peach Conditioning Polish Remover, Milky Base Coat, Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak, Manicure Brush, 1/2 oz. Milky Base Coat with Calcium and 1/2 oz. and Z-Coat.


Tammy Taylor Natural Nail Shine Kit.
(Natural Nail Shaper, Natural Nail Buffer, Non-Oily Concentrated Nail & Cuticle Nourishment Complex & Peach Moisture Lotion)

Tammy Taylor Peach Conditioning Polish Remover and Dip Off Jar.  
(Dip-off jar is no longer available from Tammy Taylor nails.)  

Tammy Taylor Milky Base Coat with Calcium.  

Tammy Taylor Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak.

Tammy Taylor Manicure Brush.  

Tammy Taylor Z-Coat.  (A non-yellowing top coat)


1.  Shine fingernails with Natural Nail Shine Buffer.  



1.  Remove polish with Tammy Taylor Conditioning Peach Polish Remover and Dip Off Jar.  
(Dip-off jar is no longer available from Tammy Taylor nails.)  

2.  Shape fingernails with a Tammy Taylor Natural Nail Shine Shaper.  

3.  Scrub fingernails with Tammy Taylor Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak and
a Tammy Taylor Plastic Manicure Brush.  
(Dry fingernails thoroughly with towel before polishing)  

4.  Apply Tammy Taylor Milky Base Coat with Calcium. 
(Let dry 1-3 minutes)  

5.  Apply your favorite Tammy Taylor Color Polish. 
(Let dry 1-3 minutes)  

6.  Apply Tammy Taylor Z-Coat. 
(Let dry before doing any activities)  

7.  Note:  If you do smudge the polish, smooth it out with Tammy Taylor Boo-boo Fixer.  




1. Massage Tammy Taylor Concentrated Non-Oily Nail and Cuticle
Nourishment Complex into cuticles. 
(This will help stimulate
fingernail growth and moisturize your cuticles.)

2.   Apply Peach Moisture Lotion to cuticles and hands.


*2-times a week, apply Tammy Taylor Z-Coat to keep polish shiny and prevent chipping and breaking.



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