Directions: - Tips on Polishing:

Tammy Taylor Products Needed:

1.   Tammy Taylor Peach Conditioning Polish Remover and Dip-Off Jar.

2.   Tammy Taylor Zebra Nail File.  

3.   Tammy Taylor Clean Finish Buffing File.  

4.   Tammy Taylor Perfume Scented Cuticle Oil.  

5.   Tammy Taylor A-Coat. (A non-yellowing acrylic sealer for acrylic nails)  



1. Remove polish with Tammy Taylor Peach Conditioning Polish Remover and Dip- Off Jar.  


2. File down acrylic flush with natural nail, using Tammy Taylor Zebra File.  


3. Brush on Tammy Taylor Perfume Scented Cuticle Oil and massage into nail and cuticle.  


4. Buff with Tammy Taylor Clean Finish Buffing File.  
5. Wash hands and dry.  

6. Apply Tammy Taylor A-Coat to keep nails pink & white and stop them from yellowing, or apply Tammy Taylor Color Polish.  (This will keep your nails like new between fill-ins)  

See "Tips on Polishing" below


Tips on Polishing:


1. Scrub nails thoroughly with Tammy Taylor Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak and Plastic Manicure Brush.  Dry thoroughly with clean towel.  

2. Let each coat of Tammy Taylor polish dry completely before adding next coat.  (Approximately 3 minutes between coats)  


3. Clean off any polish on skin with a Tammy Taylor Polish Corrector and Tammy Taylor Glass Dappen Dish with Tammy Taylor Peach Conditioning Polish Remover in it.  


4. Fix any smudges in fresh polish with the Tammy Taylor Boo-boo fixer.  Just brush on over smudge; it blends so you can add a fresh coat of polish without starting all over again.  

5. Apply your favorite Tammy Taylor Top Coat or Nail Hardener every 2-3 days between Polish changes.  

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