Skin Care &
Face Care
done at home

Tammy Taylor products needed:


Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak (liquid cleanser)
Peach Moisture Lotion
Peach Scrub, Exfoliating Formula


1.    (Cleanse)  Use the Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak as a cleanser to gently remove all make up, including mascara.  Moisten face with water.  Cleanse and rinse with water.

2.    (Exfoliate) Use the Peach Scrub for “exfoliation” of the skin.  Apply to moist skin.  Rinse with water.

3.    (Moisturize)  Apply a small amount of Peach Lotion into the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water and blend; then apply to your face and neck; smooth into skin lightly.  Do not rinse.


Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak


Peach Scrub, Exfoliating Formula

Peach Moisture Lotion







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