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Faster Nails with Product Consistency -
Full Set 'Pink & White' Sculptured Nails - DVD
Full Set of Sculptured Nails for Nail-Biters -
How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium
Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures - DVD
One Ball Fill-In -
Peach Spa Manicure -
Peach Spa Pedicure -
Pink & White Acrylic Toenails & Backfill - DVD
Pink & White Backfill - DVD
Pre-Etched Original Whitest-White Applied with Glue & Acrylic
Salon Fresh Odor-less System - DVD

Step by Step
Working with Prizma

Nails in Stages - on video and DVD
Prizma Nail Videos - DVD
Tammy's book - "Guide to Manicuring & Nail Technology" & her "Workbook" - compliment
Used by Beauty Schools Nationwide
Tammy Taylor’s Guide to Manicuring & Advanced Nail Technology, and her companion Workbook.  Available in both English and Spanish, this Guide to Manicuring is the most professional nail application and procedures book available in the world.  This guide is so complete, all State's that require licensing of Nail Technicians have approved this manual.  Every Salon owner and every Nail Technician needs one of these for reference.  Over 460 photos and illustrations.  Tammy personally does every nail procedure herself and explains every step with pictures and explanations.  Workbook also available.

When NOT Using
a Tammy Taylor video & Tammy's "Guide..."

Solutions and Benefits:
hen Using
a Tammy Taylor video & Tammy's "Guide..."

  • Your education will lack.
  • Your enthusiasm will dwindle.
  • Your clients will come & go, and
    you will constantly be trying to
    build a clientele.
  • Burn-out comes to those who do
    not take the time for education.
  • Your business will become a
  • You will look forward to the end of
    the day, rather than the beginning.
  • Your pricing may even go down,
    just so you can compete.
  • Furthering your education will help to enhance your livelihood.
  • Instruction is at your fingertips, whenever you need a little refresher course.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • Tammy does all of her own videos.
  • Every technique has been tried and proven by Tammy.
  • This is also a great way to listen to Tammy explaining, while doing.
  • Videos are a great source especially when a class or Workshop is unavailable.
  • Education means happily looking forward to working another day.
  • You will not worry about what other Salons charge for their services.







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