Tammy Taylor Prizma Nail Powderz - Color Chart

P-123 Silver

P-136 Pinkalicious
P-139 Haute Kisses P-140 Haute after Midnight
P-141 Haute Pink Neon P-142 Haute Green Neon P-143 Little Black Dress P-144 Dark Red
P-145 Purple P-146 Stardust P-147 $Cash P-148 Bonaire Blue
P-149 Haute Orange P-150 Haute Magenta P-151 Extra Cover French Pink P-152 Pinker French

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  • Tammy has introduced the most exciting and awesome new acrylic powder, which will revolutionize how we use colour on our nails.

  • Prizma Powder, a special patented process that applies just like her regular acrylic, is very easy to use and not messy; it doesn’t lift, crack or break.

  • Prizma Powder can be used for the entire nail or as nail art, with no limitations, allowing you to have fun with your creative imagination.

  • Tammy is starting with approximately 50 intense, deep and beautiful colours.

  • Clients can choose from a wonderful variety of creamy colours, metallic colours, colours with shimmer and fun nail art colours. 

  • Prizma Powder is great for 2-colour manicures, toenails, sculptured nails, nail tip overlays and clients who want permanent nail colour in place of polish.

  • Note: Tammy's Prizma Powderz can be applied using what liquid?
         Original liquid - or
         Odor-less liquid - or
         Summer liquid -
    Prizma can be applied using all 3 of Tammy's liquids.


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