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Tammy Taylor“Before you spend all your time doing a Beautiful Polish Job, which will probably not last if, you do not first think about the most important step: Your BASE COAT. Most might think a Base Coat is a Base Coat; but that is not true; the Base Coat is the foundation of your BEAUTIFUL MANICURE. Different Base Coats are needed for different nail types. There are basically only 3 Base Coats: One for Weak or Thin Natural Fingernails, One for Normal to Strong Fingernails and One for Fingernails with Ridges. Determine which Base Coat is the correct one before you start, and you will love the results.”Tammy Taylor

Nail Hardener Base Coat & Top Coat

Tammy Taylor “Nail Hardener” Base Coat & Top Coat helps those plagued with the nail-biting habit, or have naturally weak or thin fingernails. Just brush on Nail Hardener every 3 days for longer, thicker, harder & healthy looking natural fingernails.

Nail Hardener:

  • Helps Nail-biters stop biting their nails.
  • Use as a Base Coat to help polish adhere better and to strengthen the natural fingernails.
  • Use as a Top Coat every 3 Days to extend the life of Manicures, and to keep natural fingernails HARD; not weak and flimsy.
  • Dries Fast

Milky Base Coat with Calcium

Tammy Taylor “Milky Base Coat with calcium” strengthens natural fingernails without making nails dry and brittle. Superior adhesion to natural fingernails helps provide longer lasting manicures. Dries in 30 seconds; a perfect base coat for natural fingernails and artificial nails. Helps polish dry faster from the bottom up.

Milky Base Coat with Calcium:

  • Formulated for Normal to Strong natural fingernails.
  • Strengthens Natural fingernails without brittleness or dryness.
  • Creates a better adhesion for a longer lasting manicure.
  • Helps prevent staining from color polish.

Ridgefiller Base Coat

Tammy Taylor “Ridgefiller” makes your nails smooth as satin. This high tack adhesion Ridgefiller also extends the life of your manicures and keeps acrylic and natural fingernails from staining, due to color polish. Ideal for use on toenails before polishing and polish changes on acrylic nails between fills.

Ridgefiller Base Coat:

  • For Fingernails with Ridges or surface unevenness.
  • Natural opaque Pink color can be used alone, for a natural smooth look.
  • GREAT Base Coat for toenails, before polishing and for polish changes on acrylic nails between fills.
  • Makes your Manicures and Pedicures smooth as Satin.
  • Helps keep color polish from staining natural fingernails and acrylic nails.
  • Dries Fast.
  • Helps extend the life of your manicure.

Note: Different Nail Types need Different Base Coats

  • Ridgefiller:
  • For Nails with Ridges, or surface unevenness use Tammy Taylor "Ridgefiller". Also a great base coat for Pedicures and Acrylic nails.
  • Nail Hardener:
  • For Weak, Soft, Thin natural fingernails, and for Nail-biters use Tammy Taylor "Nail Hardener".
  • Milky Base Coat with Calcium:
  • For Normal to Strong natural fingernails use Tammy Taylor "Milky Base Coat with Calcium".

"Remember, all of my products are satisfaction guaranteed!"

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