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"I am so excited to introduce my 4 "New" Prizma colours, they are the "HAUTE" New shades of this Spring and their is one for everyone's personal style."Tammy Taylor


Tammy Taylor & 4 Prizma Tammy Taylor Prizma P-139 Tammy Taylor Prizma P-140 Tammy Taylor Prizma P-141 Tammy Taylor Prizma P-142
Haute Kisses
- Deep dark chocolate with black cherry and a touch of shimmer
Haute after Midnight (P-140) - Deep dark midnight blue with a slight shimmer Haute Pink Neon (P-141) - Bright pink neon with sparkle Haute Green Neon (P-142) - Lime green neon with sparkle

"For those of you who have not tried my Prizma colour acrylic: you need to try it. Prizma is really fun and easy to use. Prizma even has multiple uses:

  • You can make the whole nail one Prizma colour as a permanent manicure or pedicure that does not chip, and you do not polish.

  • You can make a 2 colour manicure where you use one Prizma colour as the tip and one Prizma colour on the base.

  • You can do the 2 colour manicure using the Prizma colour at the tip instead of white powder, and with a natural pink like Dramatic Pink at the base.

  • You can use your imagination with all types of nail art and designs."

Tammy Taylor “Prizma” Nails - Benefits:

  • Does not get fill-lines.

  • Easy and fast to do, which means the clients are out the door immediately, and with no drying time; making Prizma a great way to help build your clientele.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Very Strong and Extremely Durable to eliminate breaking and cracking.

  • Lift resistant so clients do not pick.

"Remember, all of my products are satisfaction guaranteed!"Tammy Taylor

1- 1.5 oz. Haute Kisses (P-139),
1- 1.5 oz.
Haute after Midnight (P-140),
1- 1.5 oz.
Haute Pink Neon (P-141) &
1- 1.5 oz. Haute Green Neon (P-142)

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