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At-Home Maintenance Kit for your acrylic nails

Tammy Taylor with Your At-Home Maintenance Kit for your acrylic nails"This kit is the perfect at-home nail maintenance kit to keep your Pink & White acrylic nails beautiful all the time. This kit will also help to eliminate lifting, Tammy Taylorpeeling, fill lines and yellowing."

This kit packs all the essentials to keep your Pink & Whites looking their best!
Kit includes:
  • A mini 180 grit Zebra file for shaping and filing around the cuticles.(size 3 1/2" L x 1/2" W)
  • A mini Clean Finish Buffer for buffing the acrylic nail smooth.(size 3 1/2" L x 1/2" W)
  • A 1/4 oz. (Perfume Scented) Peach Cuticle Oil for healthy cuticles.
  • A 1/4 oz. A+ Coat to keep your acrylic nails that shiny, beautiful Pink & White color.

  • Your At-Home Maintenance Kit for your acrylic nails

    All of these essential products are packed in a Tammy Taylor logo drawstring bag.

    Just use your maintenance kit once a week; and use your perfume scented cuticle oil every day.

  • Peeling, lifting, biting and/or picking; anything that causes the pink acrylic to come away from the nail-bed, causes fill lines. So to eliminate this, you must buff the acrylic nails around the cuticle area with oil and buffer every time you see or feel anything loose or rough; then the acrylic will not lift.
  • Keep your Pink & White acrylic nails from lifting, which causes fill lines.
  • Keep your Pink & White acrylic nails shiny and bright.
  • Eliminate the white "peelys" around the cuticle, which are easy to pick at causing lifting and fill lines; instead, file or buff any loose or rough areas on the nails and around the cuticle area.
  • Eliminate fill lines which look like white lines in the pink part of the acrylic nail, which appear after fill-ins.
  • Keep your Pink & White acrylic nails looking perfect the entire 2 weeks between fills.
  • Caution: Using non-professional products to maintain Pink & White acrylic nails in between fills can cause lifting, yellowing and staining.
  • The perfect at-home Tammy Taylor Nail Maintenance Kit consists of 4 professional grade nail products in an easy carry-along drawstring logo bag, to keep your Pink & White acrylic nails shiny and beautiful, the entire time between fills.
  • Also, regular maintenance helps eliminate picking, biting and chewing off acrylic nails.

    NAIL MAINTENANCE of Acrylic Nails
    Pink & White acrylic nails on Fingernails and on Toenails

    1. Remove A+ Coat by filing the surface of the acrylic nails with your mini Zebra file.
    2. File the acrylic smooth at the cuticle areas with your mini Zebra file; then smooth out the top surface of the acrylic nails with your mini Zebra file.
    3. Apply Peach Cuticle Oil to acrylic nails & cuticle skin area, and rub oil into skin.
    4. After applying oil, buff cuticle areas and top of acrylic nails smooth with your mini Clean Finish Buffer.
    5. Wash hands and towel dry.
    6. Polish with A+ Coat.

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