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Wishing You A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year!

Tammy Taylor

Hi Girls,
Over 6 weeks ago I started an $8,000.00 dollar CHRISTMAS GIVE-AWAY Contest.
Today December 23rd is the day I would be doing the drawing to find out who all the lucky WINNERS would be.
BUT, I got so excited thinking about Christmas, and all of my Tammy Taylor Nail Techs, and all my employees, that...
I kept adding MORE CASH AND PRIZES to the DRAWING.
What started at $8,000.00 went to $11,000.00 and then to...
$13,500.00 and finally to...
So, today I gave away $14,500.00 in CASH AND PRIZES.

This has definitely made this one of the most exciting
Christmases I have ever had.

I wish all of you and all of your families, the Merriest Christmas and the most Prosperous New Year in "2009".

With love,Tammy Taylor

PS: Watch the Video to see all the drawings; the excitement and the winners.

Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor


New Tammy Taylor Client Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

1st Place $2,500.00 Cash Winner
Amy Cox 

Salesperson $500.00 Cash Winner Michael Knutson

2nd Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Kristen Thibault

Tammy Taylor Referral Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

 1st Place $2,500.00 Cash Winner
Ayanna Williams

Salesperson $500.00 Cash Winner
Leo Rivera

2nd Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Cheryl Black

6 Week Tammy Taylor Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

1st Place $2,500.00 Cash Winner
Deb Zierke  

Salesperson $500.00 Cash Winner
Michael Knutson

2nd Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Tawnya Warfle

Nail Squad Winners $1,000.00 in Prizes

1st Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Sontay Jackson

Salesperson Mary Stokus

2nd Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Tammy Anderson

Salesperson Mary Stokus

New Tammy Taylor Client Salesperson Drawing $1,500.00 in Cash

3 Winners of $1,500.00 Cash
Mike Knutson $500.00 Cash Winner
Tersa Jauken $500.00 Cash Winner
Art Penaloza $500.00 Cash Winner

Just for Fun Drawing $1,500.00 in Cash

Roman Sanchez Jr $500.00 Cash Winner
Jose Antonio Martinez $500.00 Cash Winner
Concepcion Serrano $500.00 Cash Winner 

A Few of our Lucky Winners
Tammy Taylor
Tammy & Mike Knutson

Tammy & Concha Serano
Tammy Taylor
Tammy & Leo Rivera
Tammy Taylor
Tammy & Art Penaloza

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