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ALL Nail Techs have to start paying closer attention to the opportunities right under their noses!

If a client is only enjoying ONE service; WHY?  Ask questions like: Have you ever had a Pedicure before?
 This question will open up the opportunity for the SOLUTION to their needs.

If a nail client is getting only fingernail services
ie Acrylics; or manicures!  What about the feet?  Pedicures, plus acrylics or Prizma on the toenails???  Most women are not too excited about their feet.  But, when you demo one BIG Toenail they MUST have them ALL!!!

Bribing the clients that you already have with a
New Client Referral, or for any New service they enjoy is great.  Make a beautiful "gift basket or gift vase" filled with Tammy Taylor products and include a gift Certificate inside only to be used for other services that the client has not been enjoying (This gives you New $$$ from services they were not already enjoying from YOU!)  Also, the gift certificate increases the VALUE of the basket or vase.  Be sure to take a good picture of each gift basket or vase to put in an album for future "choices" that clients can pick from and purchase from you.

Other ways to get the attention of your Clients:
Coupon Book pages & Client Letters
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