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Etching the Natural Fingernail
with a Drill
is NEVER an accepted procedure!

None of the
State Board's of Cosmetology
condone this practice within
their accepted guidelines.



Notes on using the Drill to Etch the natural fingernail:

After removal of the acrylic nails,
after a drill has been used to ETCH the natural fingernail;
the fingernails must have a chance to grow out,
without acrylic.

Etching the natural fingernail using a drill will thin the natural fingernail,
even to such an extent that a client will not be able to wear acrylic nails,
until the natural fingernail has been allowed to grow
completely out; about 12-16 weeks. 

But, the more cautious will say to allow the fingernails to grow out
for up to 24 to 30 weeks,
before a new application of acrylic nails.

The only item that should be used to ETCH a natural fingernail is
a hand-file, like the
Tammy Taylor 100-grit Purple Terminator file.
Also, Tammy's files can all be disinfected.




Another item to be very aware of
is the "Credo" blade.

None of the
State Board's of Cosmetology
condone this practice within
their accepted guidelines. 


Notes on using the Credo blade:

The "Credo" blade has a razor blade which is used to cut
the skin of the client, like calluses.
Technicians that use a credo blade, think they can remove the calluses faster.
BUT, what if a Technician cuts a client with a credo blade
that has not been thoroughly Disinfected?
Will you want to be the Client that takes that chance?

The Tammy Taylor "Foot File" is preferred by more Technicians
to remove calluses easily & quickly.
Also: the Tammy Taylor "Foot File" can be easily disinfected.
And, the Tammy Taylor
"Foot File" can be used "wet" or it can be used "dry".

How important is disinfecting? - On Tammy's "Prescriptions" page, please
see Disinfecting & also see Dangers to be Aware of in Nail Salons








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