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Description:Natural nails that crack and break easily; sometimes breaking all the way to the middle of the nail and bleed.  
Cause:This happens with careless filing, excessive use of strong soaps and chemicals, heredity (your family history) or use of nail-hardener polishes.

Monthly - Weekly - Daily

Tammy Taylor Products Needed:

1.   Tammy Taylor Natural Nail “A-Shine” Kit.  
(Natural Nail A-Shine Shaper, Natural Nail A-Shine Buffer, Non-Oily Concentrated Nail & Cuticle Nourishment Complex & Peach Moisture Lotion)


2.   Tammy Taylor Conditioning Peach Polish Remover with Dip Off Jar.  

3.   Tammy Taylor Ridgefiller with protein.  

4.   Tammy Taylor Z-Coat.  (A non-yellowing top coat)  

5.   Tammy Taylor Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak.  

6.   Tammy Taylor Plastic Manicure Brush.


1.   Shine nails with Natural Nail “A-Shine” Buffer.



1.  Remove polish with Tammy Taylor Peach Conditioning Polish Remover and Dip Off Jar.  

  2.  Shape nails with Tammy Taylor Natural Nail “A-Shine” Shaper.  

3.  Smooth nails with “A-Shine” Buffer.  (Grey side only)  

4.  Scrub nails with Tammy Taylor Peach Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak and Tammy Taylor Plastic Manicure Brush. (Dry nails thoroughly before polishing)  

5.  Apply 1 coat of Tammy Taylor Ridgefiller with protein. (Let dry 1-3 minutes)  

6.  Apply Tammy Taylor Color Polish.  (Let dry 1-3 minutes)  

7.  Apply Tammy Taylor Z-Coat. (A non-yellowing top coat; let dry before doing any activities)



Monthly - Weekly - Daily


1.  Massage in Tammy Taylor Concentrated Non-Oily Nail Nourishment Complex to stimulate growth.  (This will help your nails to become more flexible, so they don’t break easily)  

2.   Apply Tammy Taylor Peach Moisture Lotion to cuticles and hands.  

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