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Is it Fungus? or

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Please HELP, I need help. I can’t get a straight answer anyplace. I even asked a doctor what’s the difference between mold and fungus.

Every place I go, I get more confused. And Tammy, I just know that if there’s someone out there who can simplify things, you are the one.

I followed your 12 Steps; that worked. Your explanation and showing how to do each step on all ten finger’s saved me 20 minutes a set.

I wanted to retail; you explained the easy way; just display a few products to start (and use them) and they would sell themselves.

You always seem to have the answer for everything. I even listened to you on how to raise husbands. He really listens to me now. Even my boys listen to me. My youngest, George, even told me the other day to call Tammy, she’d know. It was about going to the movies with a girl alone. So, I told him, fine with me, you can date when you’re 35. Anyway Tammy, I really am at my wits-end. What is the difference between mold and fungus.

Penny Maxwell, New York, NY

Thanks for all your accolades. And, men are pretty easy to raise when you have the system down.

But, as to mold and fungus. First: Mold is a fungus, so you would kill them each about the same way, with Thymolize. As for what nail tech’s for many, many years have been referring to as mold, it is most probably a Pseudomonas bacteria, and as you already know, I like to use very complex scientific terms, so the pseudomonas bacteria that I refer to is now going to be called, "The Greenies".

"The Greenies" have been most easily killed with T.T. Fresh Nail. Nip away the artificial nail covering, apply T.T. Fresh Nail to a T.T. Towelette and hold on the greenish area about 1 minute. The stain is permanent and will have to grow out, but you should be able to reapply the acrylic immediately unless the nail plate has gotten really soft. Then I would wait until the next appointment to reapply.


Tammy Taylor


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Table of Contents

1    Ask Tammy
2    Is it Mold? or Fungus? or The Greenies?
3    Still the best way for 19 years, to kill bacteria: Sanitize - Sanitize - Sanitize

4    Product Spotlight

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