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  • Tammy's famous Horseshoe pattern

  • A.  Notes on Tammy's 12 Step System - Step #9-4, Cuticle & Contour

  • B. Using the file in the pattern of a horseshoe will make the top nicely rounded (like the shape of an almond).

  • C. Continue filing the same “Horseshoe” pattern, but smaller & smaller, towards the tip until you are all the way out onto the end of the free-edge. 

  • D. How to hold your file:  If you will hold your forefinger on top of the file and let the other end of the file rest in your palm, the “Horseshoe” pattern will come naturally. 

  • E. Caution: Whereas, holding the file between the thumb and two fingers (usually forefinger & middle finger); this will cause you to file long flat areas on the nail, not rounded and smooth. 

  • F. Tammy’s famous “Horseshoe” pattern is the best way to get the full rounded, and the full smooth almond shape look.  And, when you get used to holding your file as in “D” above, you will find that this way of holding your file is by far the quickest way ever to file.

  • G. Another benefit to using “D” above; your elbows & wrists won't hurt anymore.  The “Horseshoe” pattern allows your shoulder joint to do the bending, and the pressure from the weight of your arm will allow easier & quicker filing. 

  • H. This “Horseshoe” pattern system for holding your file, works so well, that when you get to the Clients angle, you will see that you have very little work to do.

  • I. Also, the Horseshoe pattern of holding the file, will allow you to quickly smooth the acrylic around the "cuticle" area.  Plus, it is easier & more comfortable to keep the file in the little "road" you made when you applied the acrylic, using the Horseshoe pattern.

  • J. Note: File the filing steps – “One Step At-A-Time on ALL Nails, before going to the next filing step.


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