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Precautions for the Primer "bottle":
ALWAYS Keep primer bottle placed securely in the Tammy Taylor "Primer Holder".  And re-snug the primer bottle lid after each use. 
Note: Tammy likes to keep a towelette inside of the primer holder with the primer bottle, to dab the primer brush before applying primer, and to wipe the primer brush after priming.

Shelf life, Storage:
Primer should be able to be stored and last a couple of years IF;
The lid is kept intact & the primer is stored in a cool dark cabinet (not exposed to sunlight).
When primer is in regular use; a 1/2 oz. bottle should last about 6 months, when stored at your Station, depending on how many clients you have.  See below for nail count.
Storage of Primer should not exceed 1 year.

How many fingernails will a 1/2 oz. bottle prime?
When primer is used on a regular basis, a 1/2 oz. bottle should be able to prime about 1,000 fingernails, or about 100 Full Sets.  A 1/2 oz. bottle of primer should last an average Technician about 4-7 weeks. 

Contamination - How, Why, Problems & Lifting?  And... How to fix?  Burning... note on wiping & over-priming.

The primer brush collects nail debris from when you etched the fingernail.  This debris, if primer brush is not wiped, can go back into the primer bottle, causing contamination of the primer.

When the primer brush is not wiped of the etching debris from the  fingernail before placing brush back into the primer bottle, this debris collects in the primer inside of the primer bottle. 

This contamination process can decrease the number of fingernails you can prime with a 1/2 oz. bottle of primer. 

When the primer starts to get cloudy (called contaminated), the primer becomes NOT effective.  AND, when the primer is badly contaminated it will no longer work properly as a primer, and can cause lifting. 

How to fix:
Keep a "Tammy's Towelette" handy, to wipe your primer brush, before placing primer brush back into the primer bottle.  Wiping your brush before placing the brush back into the primer bottle will keep the primer clean & free of debris.

Note on wiping & over-priming:
It is recommended that you dab your primer brush on a "Tammy's Towelette" before priming the natural fingernail; mainly to avoid over-priming and causing any itching, burning, reddening or inflamed cuticles. 
Solution for over-priming: If you over-prime and cause any type of burning reaction - To neutralize the primer action, soak the fingernail(s) in a solution of one tablespoon of regular baking soda in a cup of cool water for 1-2 minutes.

What happens when Primer FREEZES?
When primer freezes, just thaw it out.  Freezing does not harm primer.  But you must thaw the primer before using.
To THAW: DO NOT loosen lid!
Let the primer in the primer bottle thaw with lid intact, by placing primer bottle in a cup or glass of warm tap water for about 5-10 minutes, or until primer is completely liquid
(no ice crystals inside bottle).
Some Technicians will just hold the bottle under running warm tap water.

Note 1: Primer may be frozen and thawed repeatedly, without harming Primer.
Note 2: CAUTION should be used so the lid is "not" removed or loosened UNTIL Primer is totally thawed.


Touching primed nail with wet nail brush...

Question: Is it okay if the acrylic nail brush, when it has liquid on it, to touch the natural fingernail that has already been primed?

Answer: Yes, it is okay for your wet nail brush to contact the natural fingernail that has already been primed.  This is a very common occurrence. 













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