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Make money even when you are not working,

Tammy Taylor Retail Display Rack


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T ammy Taylor RETAIL C enter

Make money even when you are not working, “Retail-Retail-Retail”!!!

Approx. $2,500.00 in retail products
$500.00 Display – Made in the
Approx. $3,000.00 Value

  Call for current pricing...

  (800) 93-TAMMY (949) 250-9287  

Display Center without product is $500.00

  You can make a clear $1,505.00 Profit!!!

It takes just minutes to sell only $100.00 a week - or MORE...
At $100 per week, you would sell $
5,200.00 in a year
If you doubled your cost on products,
sales of $5,200 would be a profit of

  This is like doing 100 nail services at $26.00 each
Or, if you work about 35 hours per week,
Selling from the Display Rack is like adding
an extra 3-weeks (or More) to your income, per year.

To sell $100, just sell $10.00 in products to 10 clients per week.


·       All of this:
·       Fits easily in ANY salon (22” wide x 75” high x 10” deep)
·       Blends in with all décors
·       Craftsmanship 100% guaranteed
·       Easy to restock

  When you’re purchasing items to restock
your Retail Display, you will receive 50% off the retail price.

This gives you a 100% mark up.

  ·       You will not have to order large amounts to receive your 50% Discount. You only need to purchase 12 retail items at a time.  Any combination.  In this way, you do not have wasted inventory or money!

Example order:
4 - Thymolize
3 - ½ oz. A-Coat
2 - Clean Finish Buffers
1 - 8 oz. Peach Lotion
2 - Boo-Boo Fixer


  Tammy Taylor Retail Display Rack  
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