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  Tammy Taylor has created a video library to enhance the careers of every Nail technician, Salon owner and Salon manager.  Tammy does all the demonstrations herself, while explaining every detail of how to do nails and make more money.  Everyone can benefit from her amazing video library, no matter what product they are presently using.

Faster Nails with Product Consistency
Full Set 'Pink & White' Sculptured Nails
Full Set of Sculptured Nails for Nail-Biters,   
How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium (2 videos)
Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures
One Ball Fill-In,
Peach Spa Pedicure
Pink and White Acrylic Toenails and Backfill,  
Pink and White Backfill
Pre-Etched Original Whitest-White Applied with Glue & Acrylic


Nails in Stages - on video and DVD

Tammy's - 'Guide to Manicuring & Nail Technology' & her 'Workbook' - compliment
Used by Beauty Schools Nationwide - Table of Contents

Problems When NOT Using the
a Tammy Taylor video

 Solutions and Benefits when Using
a Tammy Taylor video

  • Your education will lack.
  • Your enthusiasm will dwindle.
  • Your clients will come & go, and
    you will constantly be trying to
    build a clientele.
  • Burn-out comes to those who do
    not take the time for education.
  • Your business will become a
  • You will look forward to the end of
    the day, rather than the beginning.
  • Your pricing may even go down,
    just so you can compete.


  • Furthering your education will help to enhance your livelihood.
  • Instruction is at your fingertips, whenever you need a little refresher course.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • Tammy does all of her own videos.
  • Every technique has been tried and proven by Tammy.
  • This is also a great way to listen to Tammy explaining, while doing.
  • Videos are a great source especially when a class or Workshop is unavailable.
  • Education means happily looking forward to working another day.
  • You will not worry about what other Salons charge for their services.

Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures 
(1:47:21 min)

   This is the all-around awesome video.  Tammy demonstrates the 9 most popular nail procedures, needed in every Salon.  She demonstrates how to do: (1) A Pink & White Sculptured nail using regular acrylic, and (2) using Odor-Less acrylic.  (3) A Tip applied with glue and overlaid with acrylic, (4) and a Tip applied with acrylic, overlaid with acrylic.  (5) A Sculptured nail on a nail biter using a nail form.  (6) Pink & White Backfill using a drill and, (7) a One-Ball Fill-in. (8) A Natural Nail Shine for men and women, and (9) Pink & White acrylic toenails. 

   This video also covers product consistency and practice techniques; nail forms, drills and proper drilling, Odor control and retailing.  This is the perfect video for starting a video library.


How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium
(video #1:  1:24:44 min)  (video #2:  1:30:56 min) 

   In this amazing video, Tammy teaches nail techs how to take their business to the next level.  Tammy has a great way of explaining things.  She can take what seems like a difficult time-consuming task and turn it into a fun, simple, fast project, which anyone can do.  She explains step-by-step, how to make changes that can improve Nail technicians, Salon managers and Salon owners businesses. 

   “Don’t get caught in the middle of the price wars between discount nail salons and the high-end, full service Salon.  Make a statement”, says Tammy.  And, Tammy will show you exactly how to do that in her fantastic “How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium” video, (2 video set).


Faster Nails with Product Consistency 
(20:32 min)

   This is the most instructive course you will ever get in 20 minutes.  The whole SECRET to nails is being able to make beautiful balls.  Beautiful Balls make Beautiful Nails.  If you hate to file, get this video.  Tammy explains every detail of perfecting product consistency.  She also shows how to practice, using simple and easy practice aids.  Every nail tech, no matter how many years they have been doing nails, should have this video.  It is fantastic.


"Pink and White Acrylic Toenails and Backfill 
(1:04:46 min)


   Now, Everyone can have beautiful feet.  Acrylic toenails are amazing.  They can turn ugly feet into beautiful ‘Sandal Shopping’ feet in under 30 minutes.  Acrylic Toes are so easy to do and there is no need for nail forms.  They don’t even have to be as perfect as fingernails, because they are 4 feet away from eye level.  In this video, Tammy demonstrates how to do a Full Set of Pink & White Acrylic toenails and a Pink & White backfill on toenails.  Double your income on every client, apply Acrylic Toenails.  Get this video and start today.


Full Set of Sculptured Nails for Nail-Biters 
(56:17 min)

   This video is so impressive.  It shows an extreme nail biter, with balls of skin overlapping the nail.  Leaving Tammy only half of a nail-bed to work she creates a beautiful Full Set of Pink & White Sculptured nails.  When a nail biter has a beautiful set of sculptured nails, they will never want to bite their nails again.  Nail techs who can do nail biters without using tips, will definitely be looked upon as the best Nail Techs in town.  And, this video shows how easy it is to do and how drastic the difference is.


Full Set Sculptured Nails(using Pink & White acrylic)
(48:00 min)

   Doing Pink & White Sculptured nails is the whole backbone of a nail techs’ business.  If a nail tech can do a beautiful set of Pink & White Sculptured nails, they can do every artificial nail service, because sculptured nails are the most difficult and everything else feels easy in comparison.  This is the video everyone needs to wear out.  A nail tech could watch this video 100 times and still improve their techniques.  Tammy demonstrates and explains every detail of preparation, application, nail forms, filing and tricks of the trade.  This is a definite for the nail techs’ video library.


Pink and White Backfill 
(34:40 min)

   Tammy turns the Pink & White backfill nightmare into a wonderful dream.  Tammy shows all the tricks to doing fast, beautiful backfills.  She demonstrates proper drilling and effortless preparation and application, with no shadows or lines.  Making nails look better than new.  Pink & White backfills are the big moneymaker in the Salon. 

   Nail techs that can do beautiful backfills are booked solid, because many nail techs don’t know how to do them.  Get this fantastic video today and let Tammy show you how to make your job easier while making more money.


Pre-Etched Original Whitest-White Applied with Glue & Acrylic
(50:30 min) 

   Tammy explains and demonstrates different types of tip applications.  Tips applied with acrylic and overlaid with acrylic, and tips applied with glue, overlaid with acrylic.  Tammy solves many of the problems nail techs experience with tips.  Tammy makes tip application so easy, everyone who does tips or has ever thought of doing tips, needs this terrific tip video.


Peach Spa Pedicure 
(40:48 min)

   Pedicures are fun and when they smell good, they are even more fun.  Tammy demonstrates a complete Peach Spa Pedicure.  She starts by showing you how to prepare a delicious bath, then proceeds with every little detail to doing the perfect pedicure, and finishes with the most awesome massage, which will guarantee at least an extra $10.00 tip.  Make pedicures fun and profitable with this great video.


One Ball Fill-In 
(40:50 min)

   The One ball Fill-in video will increase the speed of your fill-ins by at least 15 minutes.  The average nail tech does a fill in less than 35 minutes, after practicing the techniques, Tammy demonstrates on this video.

   Tammy also shows how to repair a broken nail, how to use a drill to shorten nails, and how to polish.  Tammy does a complete set of fill-ins, explaining every step of the way, all the details and tricks, to making a nail techs’ life easier, and their job more fun.


We also have the following 3 videos:

"2-Colour Manicure and AromaSpa Pedicure/Manicure"

"Peach Spa Manicure"

"Nails in Stages", in both video and DVD
Link <-- Click for more details about Nails in Stages


Tammy Taylor’s Guide to Manicuring & Advanced Nail Technology, and her companion Workbook. Available in both English and Spanish, this Guide to Manicuring is the most professional nail application and procedures book available in the world. This guide is so complete, all states that require licensing of nail technicians have approved this manual. Every salon owner and every nail technician needs one of these for reference. Over 460 photos and illustrations. Tammy personally does every nail procedure herself and explains every step with pictures and explanations. Workbook also available.

Guide To Manicuring & Advanced
Nail Technolog

English and Spanish

Tammy's Guide... Table of Contents

          Part I: Introductory Topics
Chapter 1: Hygiene and Healthful Living
Chapter 2: Professional Ethics and Visual Poise
Chapter 3: Bacteriology
Chapter 4: Sanitizing and Sterilization
Chapter 5: The Natural Nail: Shapes and Structure
Chapter 6: Nail Disorders and Diseases, Including Fungus and Mold
Chapter 7: Implements, Equipment and Supplies

          Part II: Procedures
Chapter 8: Basic Techniques
   Section 1: Making a Swab
   Section 2: Removing Polish
   Section 3: Natural Nail - Shaping and Filing
   Section 4: Buffing Artificial and Natural Nails to a High Gloss
   Section 5: Standard Water Manicure
   Section 6: Hot Oil Manicure
   Section 7: Finger, Hand and Arm Massage
   Section 8: How to Apply Polish and Choosing Polish Color
   Section 9: Manicuring a Male Client
   Section 10: Pedicuring and Foot Massage

Chapter 9: Sculptured Nails
   Section 1: Tip Application
   Section 2: Applying Nail Forms
   Section 3: Etching and Dusting
   Section 4: Applying Primer
   Section 5: How to Make and Apply Acrylic Product Balls
   Section 6: Sculptured Nails - A Full Set
   Section 7: Shaping, Filing and Buffing Artificial Nails
   Section 8: Sculptured Nails over Tips and Natural Nails
   Section 9: Acrylic over Bitten Nails
   Section 10: Repairing Breaks and Cracks
   Section 11: Acrylic Nails Fill-in
   Section 12: Removing Artificial Nails
   Section 13: Common Problems and Cautions with Sculptured Nails

Chapter 10: Paper, Silk and Linen Wraps
   Section 1: Paper Wraps
   Section 2: Silk Overlays on Natural Nails and Tips
   Section 3: Silk Maintenance and Fill-ins
   Section 4: Linen over Tips and Natural Nails
   Section 5: Linen Extensions
   Section 6: Linen Maintenance
   Section 7: Common Problems and Cautions with Silk and Linen

Chapter 11: Fiberglass and Gels
   Section 1: Applying Fiberglass Overlays on Tips and Natural Nails
   Section 2: Fiberglass Maintenance
   Section 3: Application of Light-Cured Gels
   Section 4: Fill-in Maintenance for Light-Cured Gels
   Section 5: Common Problems and Cautions with Light-Cured Gels
   Section 6: Application of Lightless Gel
   Section 7: Fill-in Maintenance for Lightless Gel
   Section 8: Common Problems and Cautions with Lightless Gel and Fiberglass

Chapter 12: Corrections and Repairs
   Section 1: How to Use a Drill
   Section 2: Correcting Problem Nails
   Section 3: Repairs for Natural Nails

          Part III: Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 13: Cells
Chapter 14: The Skin
Chapter 15: The Human Skeletal System
Chapter 16: The Muscular System
Chapter 17: The Circulatory System
Chapter 18: The Nervous System

          Part IV: Chemistry for Manicurists and Additional Topics
Chapter 19: Chemistry for Manicurists
Chapter 20: Composition of Basic Manicuring Products, Toxicity and Allergic Reactions
Chapter 21: Ventilation and Odor in Salon
Chapter 22: Hazardous Chemicals in Beauty Product, HCS - MSDS
Chapter 23: Electricity
Chapter 24: First Aid
Chapter 25: Career Paths
Chapter 26: Finding a Salon, Merchandising & Building Your Client Base
Chapter 27: The French manicure, Nail Art & Other Techniques

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