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Editorial: Have You Ever Had Any Conflicts in Your SalonTammy ?

By Tammy Taylor


Conflicts drain your energy and create extreme stress, sometimes to the point where you just want to throw your hands up and quit!


Every day:

  • We can look for conflict
  • Create conflict
  • Ignore conflict
  • Or, we can confront conflict, and stop conflict! 

Confronting conflicts and then stopping them will enable you to be happier in your Salon:

·        Whether you are the Salon owner

·        An independent

·        Or, an employee


To eliminate these blow-ups you must confront the problem immediately, without anger or aggression. 

  • Visualize and roll play peaceful outcomes before you start talking.  I always pray about it first. 
  • If you go into the conversation aggressively, it will escalate the problem to the point of no return.


This is not what you want to happen.  Wouldn’t you rather stay in one place, be happy, get along and be the person that says: “the conflict stops here”.


Moving to a different Salon does not usually mean things are going to be better.  It just means different faces, and with a whole new set of problems.


I have seen many salons split up over a small conflict that escalated way out of control; and half of the staff gets talked into leaving and going to a new Salon.  Then the owner is left with half of the staff and says “forget it”, and closes down.


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