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Practice Sheet & Competition Sheet
English, Spanish & French

Competition Sheet...   (for Grading nails)
A Scoring Sheet on how to Grade Sculptured Nails

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English...    Practice Sheet    (2-Page PDF file) - May 20, 2015

Spanish...    Practice Sheet    (2-Page pdf file) - April 12, 2012

French...     Practice Sheet    (2-Page pdf file) - April 12, 2012

See Below about how to "bag"
or how to "laminate"
your Practice Sheet
Easy ways to get rid of most of the odors in a Salon:
Odor Control in the Salon -

Practice Sheet article in
Tammy's Talk of the Town

Odor-less Practice Sheet - Updating soon


Notes on cleaning & maintaining Practice Sheet


Enlarged views of Practice Sheet


Notes on cleaning & maintaining Practice Sheet:
Read the following notes, for cleaning, the plastic holding bag &
for Odor Control.

Notes on Tammy’s “Practice Sheet”...
To Bag or Laminate the Tammy Taylor "Practice Sheet":
  1. The Tammy Taylor “Practice Sheet” bag or laminate is usually cleaned with the Tammy Taylor “Brush Cleaner” or her “Polish Remover”. 
    1. Some Technicians will get the Practice Sheet “laminated” at their local Office Supply store; which seems to work quite well.
    2. When you need a bag for the Practice Sheet; you can usually use a “heavy-duty" plastic Freezer storage bag.


Pictures below are enlarged views of certain areas of Tammy's Practice Sheet.
Odor Control in the Salon

More details on Odor Control...
1. Odor Control - Q & A
2. Salon View's
3. Odor-Free Trash Cover
4. Tammy Taylor Towelette's
5. T.T. Dappen Dish, 6. Exhaust system
7. A Little History

Odor Free Salon
Click on Salon picture to go to Odor Control article

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