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Do You or Anyone You Know Suffer From Any Type of Pain?

  • Tammy Do you have Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain?
  • Maybe you suffer from back, neck, knee and joint or muscle Pain?
  • Or perhaps you suffer with sinus headaches and migraines? 
  • Have you ever been so fatigued after a long day at work or airplane travel that you just could not relax?

Then you are going to love my Aroma-therapeutic Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away!  It is so easy to just spray on and there is no mess.  It does not stain, so you can spray it on any time, anywhere and it does not ruin clothes.

Don’t go anywhere without it and always have multiple bottles in strategic places that are easy to find.
  Keep your Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away everywhere you might need some instant, long-lasting pain relief!

Spray Pain Away Information

  • Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away is a fast acting, effective pain relief spray with a unique blend of soothing ingredients well known for its remarkable pain relief properties.

  • Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away includes this combination of superior natural remedies, which have been tested to specially formulate a unique proprietary process that turbo charges them deep into the affected tissues to give rapid, safe and long-lasting relief with no unwanted side effects.

  • It is for these specific reasons that we offer you our exclusive product with our full confidence that you will receive the relief that you desire!

  • Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away is a revolutionary advancement that achieves one simple result: It stops pain almost instantly when applied. That’s right! It’s not a drug and it doesn’t substitute a different sensation that hides the pain. It isn’t a temporary solution. It just stops the pain!

  • If you want relief from the pain and discomfort of physical conditions that prevent you from enjoying a pain free life, Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away is for you!

  • Unknown to some, the amount or percentage of a particular ingredient does not necessarily determine it’s effectiveness. It only requires a microscopic amount of a particular ingredient to reach a nerve ending in order to reduce pain or inflammation. Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away is the answer and is a unique formula that DOES deliver the required ingredients directly to the needed area.

  • Remember that Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away features the most effective delivery system available. There is no faster system that can deliver instant results. You can take Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away anyplace. There isn’t a more direct or safer method to stop pain then to apply something that works directly to the affected area.

  • When drugs are ingested for pain, the entire body is treated while senses and awareness are dulled with unwanted side effects that can occur in the liver and digestive tract. Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away is directed exactly to the area of discomfort or pain and complete relief from unwanted pain is achieved! Simply spray it on and there is no need to rub or massage!

Spray Pain Away 4 oz.Tammy Taylor 'Spray Pain Away' Ingredients:
'Spray Pain Away' (Topical Analgesic)

Active Ingredients: Menthol and Camphor.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Herbal Complex; Arnica, Chamomile and Slippery Elm.
Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Clove, Peppermint, Kukui Nut and Tee Tree Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol.

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Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’ – Retailing in the Salon:
So now all these people who end up purchasing ‘Spray Pain Away’ from you will need to re-order from you. Good problem right?

Spray Pain Away is the easiest product you will ever Retail.
Sell only 2 a week for 52 weeks and you will make money!

A "light-bulb" moment! Hum...

#1 Option:
Make a profit by selling it to customers, friends and family, charge anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 + tax.

Selling at: $ 19.95
When you purchase at the "Professional" price: $ 14.95
Profit: $ 5.00
Sell two a week and make a $520 profit.

#2 Option:
Become a Club Member for ONLY $39.95 per year and save even MORE money!!!
When you really think about this information with your "Business mind" it just makes $en$e and Profit!!! You need and already order Tammy Taylor products for your Nail Business, as a Club Member you are obviously going to increase your profit even more because on Tammy's special Club Member Pricelist ‘Spray Pain Away’ is NOT the only item!!! Everything on the list you would use for your services and or retail!

Club Member Price for ‘Spray Pain Away’
Buy 5 'Spray Pain Away' and Get 1 FREE.

Selling at: $ 19.95 each
Club Member Price $ 12.45 each
Profit: $   7.50 each WOW!!!
Sell two a week and make a $780 profit.
This is easy and Fun and you will have extra money in your pocket.

How to 'Demonstrate' Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’:
Every Client that enters your salon is a potential "demo" for ‘Spray Pain Away’. Make sure that you have a "Tester" label on your demo bottle of ‘Spray Pain Away’, this will invite your clients to either try it or ask you about it.

  • Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’ does not stain, so you can spray it on anything, anytime, anywhere.
  • Every client who comes in, ask if they enjoy Aroma Therapy!
  • Have them close their eyes, and then you spray the back of their neck.
  • If they say "yes", then say "you are going to love this"!
  • Tell them they will feel a "cool heat sensation" and to breathe in deeply the wonderful aroma-therapeutic scent.
  • Then hand them the bottle to read.

If you are afraid to demonstrate on your clients, demonstrate on yourself.

  • Spray your neck and say "This Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’ is the only thing
  • I have ever found that works."
  • Then set it down with the label facing them. They will be curious and start asking questions. Then you can hand it to them and say "Try It!"

You can also incorporate Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’ into Salon procedures.

  • During Body Massages, spray the sore spots first then proceed with the massage.
  • During Facials, spray the hands & feet before dipping in paraffin or spray them and put on warm booties and mittens.
  • During Manicures, spray the hands and dip in paraffin or spray before the massage.
  • During Pedicures, spray on the feet and proceed with the massage.

A personal testimonial of how this nail technician sells
Tammy Taylor ‘Spray Pain Away’:

It is so easy for me to sell ‘Spray Pain Away’ without even trying because I constantly need it for pain relief for myself throughout the day! This is the ONLY product that I found to work for me! I do NOT go anywhere without it (I put in my carry-on bag when I fly, one by my bed, my desk, golf bag and in my Gym/Spa bag.) I love the smell of Tammy's Aroma Therapy Products!
Why suffer if you don't have to?

When I am using it usually there are other people around so I end up explaining it and what it does for me. So ALWAYS be aware of who is around you so you make sure that they hear the benefits too! (Do not whisper when explaining this information... because you never know who else is listening. Take advantage of this so you do not have to repeat yourself!) Usually people will say to me "Excuse me, I could not help but
overhear you about that special spray, can I purchase some too?" And so I end up selling more ‘Spray Pain Away’!

Personal reasons why I need ‘Spray Pain Away’:

I have a bad back and neck (I have scoliosis-curvature of the spine and my muscles get tight everyday.)

When I have stuffiness and congestion/headaches (I just CLOSE my eyes, lift my hair up off my neck and spray 2 cool mists on the back of my neck, my mouth is closed and breathing in only through my nose. This CLEARS my sinuses and the pressure; making my headache quickly go away!)

I travel often and everyday is busy (good problem!) I use it before my hot shower or bath to help me relax when my mind wants to keep racing and thinking about the day to help me wind down. I also will spray a little bit on the front of my jammies :-) (chest area) and put the covers over my head and before I know it I am asleep!

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