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Do you ever get patchy dry spots or rough skin?

Tammy TaylorHi Girls,

Do you ever get patchy dry spots or rough skin?
I use my Peach Exfoliating Scrub on my face, all over my body and for my feet and hands. My skin always feels invigorated and smooth, feels like I just had a body scrub at the spa when I use my Peach Exfoliating Scrub. And it only takes a few minutes either while I am bathing or Tammy Taylortaking a shower.

Tammy Taylor Peach Exfoliating Scrub partnered with your Tammy Taylor Peach Moisture Lotion will leave your skin feeling sumptuous.

The Tammy Taylor Peach Exfoliating Scrub is a luscious creamy (never drying) formula with all natural restorative ingredients, infused with:
*Luxurious oils
*Therapeutic antioxidants
*Hydrating humectants
*Healthful vitamins

  • Softens dry, flaky, cracked hands caused by doing dishes and use of household cleaning products
  • Rejuvenates dull rough skin all over your body
  • Does not separate as you are massaging into your skin
  • Never messy, you do not have to scoop or stir just squirt with an easy dispense bottle
  • All natural special milled pumice is refined enough for your face and granular enough to use all over your body, your hands and your feet
  • Smoothes out dry patchy spots and dry bumps on your face, unveiling nourished rejuvenated skin
  • Promotes new cell growth and healthy skin
  • Leaves skin moistened never drying
  • Polishes your skin effortlessly
  • Gently massage your Tammy Taylor Peach Exfoliating Scrub in a circular motion all over. This will improve circulation and promote healthier skin
  • Areas that are rough or have hardened skin (like the feet, elbows, and knees) vigorously rub Tammy Taylor Peach Scrub into that area and you will see instant results of smoother skin.

You Get -
1- 8oz. Tammy T
aylor Peach Scrub &
1- 8oz. Tammy T
aylor Peach Lotion

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