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Do you have an Emergency Back-Up Nail Liquid?

Tammy Taylor"Always keep an extra Nail Liquid in your cabinet for those times when you get down to your last drop and your next client is already sitting down."Tammy Taylor


Shelf life, Expiration, Storage of Tammy Taylor Nail Liquid

1. Tammy Taylor Nail Products have a very long shelf life because we make everything fresh in small batches and we rotate our inventory constantly, so, you do not get old products. 
rule of thumb: With the Tammy Taylor Acrylic (liquid & powder): if it makes a good ball and does not look yellow, it should be good to use.

From the time of purchase, your Tammy Taylor liquid and powder should last at least one year or more, with proper storage.
Storage 2-1: Store in a closed dark cabinet, in a cool location.  Do not put your cabinet near a heat source.
Storage 2-2: Store liquids on the upper shelves, because any fumes that may be released will float upwards.
Storage 2-3: Store powders on lower shelves so they do not collect any fumes from any liquids, because fumes rise upwards.
Storage 2-4: Do Not store powders & liquids on the same shelf, as the powders can collect fumes from any liquids within proximity.

3. Caution: Never pour Nail liquid from your dappen dish back into your bottle no matter how much money you think you are saving you will contaminate your whole bottle. Also Pouring from your small 4 oz. bottle back into your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle can be a source of contamination.
Note: It is fine to refill your 4 oz. size from your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle
s, because the 4 oz. size is usually what a Nail Technician will keep at their work Station.

4. Liquid contamination: The Tammy Taylor Nails monomer (nail liquid) should flow and have the consistency of water.  When the liquid starts to get thick or starts to get a darker color to, it is either getting old or contaminated. 
Note on liquid: If the liquid starts turning an orange color, it is becoming contaminated. 

Is the liquid good? Test it on your Practice Sheet; make a ball with your Nail Liquid and Nail Powder if it makes a good ball and does not look yellow, the liquid should be okay.

5. Powder contamination: If the top of the powder gets a crust on it or it looks slightly brownish; it is becoming contaminated on the surface... 
Note: You can Scrape off the top crust carefully, and the powder underneath should be okay until you can get a new Nail Powder.

6. A Big Caution on Loaning out Your products; Your Products are the tools of your trade and how you make a living.

When you do not have a certain tool, and your TIME being critical as it is, you could be out of work for a period of TIME, or at least get way behind on your clients.  

Your bills will not listen to: "I loaned out my liquid, and I could not do my clients nails.

When you loan out your Products the tools of your trade, another Technician may not be as concerned as you are in taking care of your tools.  Another Technician may for instance, since they are only using your liquid to apply one nail, they may dip their brush into your liquid bottle.  This is the start of contamination.  Or they may forget to cover the powder jar they borrowed with the lid before filing. 
If they borrow your brush and forget to clean it; you get it back and you need to use the brush right now! Whoops... you will have to clean the brush first: 10-15 minutes of your TIME is now spent cleaning your brush that you loaned out. Or it is completely ruined...
Simple Rule of Thumb on Loaning out Your Products: Do Not Loan out your Products the tools of your trade!  You need your Products the tools of your trade for your livelihood, your income, your rent money and your money to buy more tools.

What Tammy Taylor Nail Liquid is Right for You?

The Tammy Taylor "Original" Nail Liquid is designed to do fast nails year round with no crystallizing in the winter.
The Tammy Taylor "A+" Nail Liquid is designed to keep your "whites whiter" and your "pinks brighter".

The Tammy Taylor "Xtra-Adhesion" Nail Liquid was designed especially for clients with special acrylic nail needs. Some clients have fingernails that are difficult for acrylic to adhere to and need an extra boost in the nail liquid to help adhesion and eliminate lifting.

Use 2-3 coats of Tammy Taylor Nail Primer and Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid for all clients who have lifting problems. Some clients are very sensitive and the Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid can also be used without primer for these clients. 

The Tammy Taylor "(S-Set)" Nail Liquid (aka) Summer Nail Liquid is a slower setting nail liquid, designed originally for summertime or hot weather, but also works great year round. That is why it will be re-named (S-Set) Slower
Setting Nail Liquid instead of Summer; so there will be no confusion for those who want a slower setting nail liquid in all types of weather.

NOTE: In hot weather, acrylic nail products will set up faster; in cold weather, acrylic nail products will set up slower.

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