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When the going gets TOUGH the TOUGH get going!
So, come on girls, NOW is the time to GET TOUGH!
Tammy Taylor

We can no longer sit and wait for Clients to come to us, we have to go out and get them. When the Economy is tough, we have to work twice as hard for the same amount of money. But it is worth it because we still have a job.

  • The Old Days of 3 and 4 Day Work weeks are gone for a little while.
  • If we want to thrive and we want to grow during these times, we must CHANGE.

The Beauty business is the best business to be in right now. Because women love to feel pretty, especially when times are tough, and they feel a little down.

We need to change our philosophy on:

  • How we Do business
  • How we Spend money
  • How we take care of Customers
  • How we Promote ourselves

How We Can Improve Our Business:

  • Get more Clients
  • Get Referrals
  • Money management
  • Budgets
  • More work hours and more Days - Habit pattern like a regular job

Remember, a tough economy does not last forever; it is only temporary, so do not think "UGGH": I have to work 5 Days a week again; this is like starting over. I am going to have to re-organize my whole life, and my lifestyle. I don't know if it is worth it. My neck is hurting, my hands are hurting, my pocket book is hurting, and my head is hurting.

Instead: Think
"This is only temporary; I can do this for a few months", especially with the Holidays coming, I always get new Clients during the holidays, and I always make money.

Girls, I have been in this business 27 years; I have been up and I have been down; but I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give Up, and you are Not going to GIVE UP either. This is the Greatest Business for Women, especially Working Mom's.
Remember when the economy is tough, women go back to work, out into the marketplace; and when women work outside of their homes, they want to look nice and "nails" are usually the thing they do first; because we all know when our "nails" look good, we feel good.

Here Are 3 Steps You Need To Start TODAY!

STEP 1. Be in your Salon 5 Days A Week, until January 15th, 2009

  • Even if you do not have a Client, answer phones and clean cabinets
  • "If you are there, Clients will Come"

STEP 2. Run a Holiday Special for your Regular Clients only until December 31st, and put this at your Station in a frame.

NOTE: This BUILDS New Clients that already have faith in your work, AND Promotes Regular Clients to try other services.


Holiday Specials for my Regular Clients

  • 2 for 1:
  • Give your friend, or your Mom or your Daughter a wonderful gift that does not cost you a penny.
    o Bring them with you and they will get the same service you are receiving or
       an equal service free.
    o Just let me know in advance so I can book out the extra time needed.


  • Give yourself a little extra treat:
  • Book any 2nd service at the same time as your regular service and I will give you 50% off your 2nd service.
  • Like an Aroma Spa Pedicure or Acrylic Toenails


STEP 3. Personally: Pass out 20 Business Cards or Flyers this week, and every week until January 15th

  • Have your "nails" looking good - You Are Your Own Best Advertisement

Girls, You are Tougher than you think! YOU CAN DO IT!!
Tammy Taylor


Are you looking for an Intense Moisturizer that works?

Your clients will notice the difference when you use Tammy Taylor "Peach Moisture Lotion" in your Manicure and Pedicure Services.

  • "No" mineral oil and "No" alcohol. No animal testing is done, and it is non-carcinogenic.
  • Made in the USA, with the highest quality raw materials, and blended under the strictest standards.
  • A creamy hypoallergenic formula; gentle enough for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Blended with all natural ingredients, Liposome's, rare botanicals, vitamins, natural moisturizers and humectants, making it excellent for dry cracked skin exposed to sun, water, wind and cold.
  • Formulated to soak into the skin and not just sit on top of the skin; keeping skin moist throughout your entire Manicure and Pedicure; when your client leaves, her skin will stay soft and moist the entire day.
  • Use all over entire body, face, hands and feet.
  • One Intense Moisturizer does it ALL.
  • Never leaves any greasy after-feel.

Tammy Taylor 8 oz. Moisture Lotion"The Tammy Taylor "Peach Moisture Lotion" is the easiest retail item you will ever sell. After you finish your service explain to your client what a high quality product your Tammy Taylor Peach Moisture Lotion is, and she can take a bottle home for herself to use all over her entire body, face, hands and feet."

"My Tammy Taylor Peach has a soft scent of just picked peaches, slightly tart, fresh and peachy. Peach has been my number one signature fragrance for over 17 years, that my clients continue to rave about."

"I put together a Wonderful Special for you: Three Tammy Taylor "Peach Moisture Lotions"; so you can RETAIL one, USE one to do a lot of Manicures and Pedicures Tammy Taylorand TAKE one home for you to Enjoy."

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