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Make Filing Nails Fun - Video 2:16 Make Filing Nails Fun - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Create a C-CURVE While SHORTENING Nails - Video 1:14 Create a C-CURVE While SHORTENING Nails - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Pink & White Back-Fill / EASY as Polishing - Video 1:12 Pink & White Back-Fill / EASY as Polishing - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Shadows in Your Back Fill - Video 2:27 Shadows in Your Back Fill - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Yellow Sticky Acrylic - Video
(How to Keep Your Brush Clean)
1:04 Yellow Sticky Acrylic - Tammy Taylor - PDF
(How to Keep Your Brush Clean)
Pat the White, Stroke the Pink-1-2-3-4 - Video 3:29 Pat the White, Stroke the Pink-1-2-3-4 - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Beautiful Balls = Beautiful Nails - Video


Beautiful Balls = Beautiful Nails - Tammy Taylor - PDF

The video-clips below are a preview of what is on the full video version DVD or VHS.  

Intro & History to a Full Nail - Full Pink & White Nail - Toenail Application - Toenail Finishing - Toenail Why? - A-Coat & Z-Coat - Nail-Biter - "Man" Nail-Biter - Drill: Shorten length - Backfill: Application of product - Backfill: Drill: Drilling out Pink  - Backfill: Drill Bits in use -

Colour Chart's page for Tammy's: Original acrylic nail powders, Polish colours, Prizma colours


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2:07 Nails in Stages

Intro & History to
a Full Nail

Tammy Taylor explains a little about herself and her company, and how Education for the Nail Technician is so important.  From the "Nails in Stages" video. 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)  

16:27 Nails in Stages

Pink & White

Free-edge = Whitest-White
Nail-body = Dramatic Pink

Stage 5: A Pink & White acrylic sculptured nail applied using a Nail Form.  Hardest nail to do but the most rewarding.  Step-by-Step
This video-clip starts after Tammy has already Sanitized the hands and removed the nail polish. 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)

2:10 Toenails

Toenail Application

Pink & White acrylic Toenail application.  The very first wet white free-edge is awesome.
You too can do Toenails! 

(Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)


1:14 Toenails


Tammy Taylor Finishes the Pink & White Toenail, with Z-Coat and lets you see the difference an acrylic toenail makes. 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
1:10 Toenails


Why should you put acrylic on a Toenail? 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
6:11 Nail-Biter


Applying a Full Pink & White Sculptured acrylic nail to a Nail-Biter using a Nail Form. 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
1:54 Nail-Biter "Man"


Applying a Pink ONLY acrylic nail on a Man nail-biter. 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
2:11 Backfill

Application of product

Application of Whitest-White (very wet) to fill in the little valley, and a Pink ball to the cuticle area. 
Are you applying this fill-in ball wet enough? 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
1:41 Backfill

Drilling out Pink


Drilling out the Pink (at the smiley-face) using the "Pencil Carbide" bit.
Are you drilling out your Pink properly? 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)
1:15 Drill

Shorten length

Using the drill to shorten the length of the nails, and cleaning the underside of the free-edgeusing the "Barrel" bit.
Have you wondered how to clean the underside of the free-edge? 

Video... (Cable/DSL/Lan)   (56k - Modem)


Drill Bits
in use

Tammy demonstrates the 4 "Carbide" Drill Bits used for the Pink & White "Backfill"...

Tammy also demonstrates how to practice drilling the acrylic nails when doing a Pink & White "Backfill" - Using "Polish" bottle lids & forms to make the practice Pink & White acrylic nails.

Video... Nail Party Episode 4

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