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Expiration or Shelf life,
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Polish - Primer - Liquid & Powder
Mixing Liquid & Powder

Monomer = Liquid & Polymer = Powder

Expiration or Shelf life, & Storage of Liquid & Powder (also see Primer)

Acrylic: Liquid = monomer and Powder = polymer

Expiration or Shelf life:
Rule of thumb:
Rotate your product supplies at least every 6 months.  With proper "storage", your acrylic products can last at least 30 months, un-opened. 


1. Although we do not have an expiration on the bottles, our products have a very long shelf life.  With the acrylic (liquid & powder): if product makes a good ball and does not look yellow, it should be good to use.

2. From the time of purchase, your Tammy Taylor liquid and powder should be able to last at least one year to 30 months, with proper storage.
- Storage 1: Store in a closed dark cabinet, in a cool location.  Do not put your cabinet near a heat source.
- Storage 2: Store liquids on the upper shelves, because any fumes that may be released will float upwards.
- Storage 3: Store powders on lower shelves so they do not collect any fumes from any liquids, because fumes rise upwards.

  • Storage 3a: Do Not store powders & liquids on the same shelf, as powder can collect fumes from any liquids within proximity; and always store liquids above dry products.

3. Refilling your "smaller" containers:
- Caution: "Never" pour liquid from a "smaller" bottle "into" a "larger" bottle!
- Example:
Pouring from your 4 oz. bottle back into your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle can be a source of contamination; thus contaminating the "larger" bottle.
- Note: It is commonplace in this business to refill your 4 oz. size from your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle’s, because the 4 oz. size is usually what a Technician will keep at their work Station.

4. Liquid contamination: The Tammy Taylor Nails monomer (nail liquid) should flow and have the consistency of water.  When the liquid starts to get thick or starts to get a darker color, it is either getting old or contaminated. 

- Note on liquid: If the liquid starts turning an orange color, it is becoming contaminated. 

- 4a. Is the liquid good?
When working with the acrylic liquid & powder, on the Practice Sheet; if it makes a good ball and does not look yellow, the liquid should be okay.

5. Powder contamination: If the top of the powder gets a crust on it, or the powder looks slightly brownish; it is becoming contaminated on the surface.
- Remedy: Scrape off the top crust carefully, and the powder underneath should be okay.

6. A Big Caution Note on "Loaning": Your products are the tools of your business.  Your tools are how you make an income.  Your income pays the bills. Do Not LOAN your Tools.
   - 6a. When you do not have a certain tool, and your TIME being critical, you could be out of work for a period of TIME, or at least get way behind on your clients.  TIME is money!  And losing TIME can cost you income! Do Not LOAN your Tools.

- Your bills or vendors will not listen when: "I loaned out my liquid, and did not make enough money to pay you...". Before loaning your products, make sure you have a "back-up"; accidents do happen; only loan out if you have a back-up.

- When you loan out your tools, another Technician may not be as concerned as you are in taking care of your tools.  A Technician may for instance, since they are only using your liquid to apply one or two nails, they may dip their brush into your liquid bottle.  This is the start of contamination.  Or a Technician may forget to cover the powder jar they borrowed, and filing particles can fall into powder jar. 

- If a Technician borrows your brush and forgets to clean it; you get the brush back, but... you need to use the brush immediately! Whoops... you will have to clean the brush first: 10-15 minutes of your TIME is now spent cleaning your brush that you loaned out. TIME is Money, TOOLS make Money.

Simple Rule of Thumb on Loaning tools: Do "Not" Loan Tools!  Your tools are your livelihood, your income, your rent money; and... your Tools make money to buy more tools.

Mixing Liquid & Powder - Liquids & Powders by Tammy Taylor

TT Powders available: Original, Summer, Prizma & Competitive Edge Whitest-White

Original Liquid can be used with all TT powders including Prizma
Summer Liquid can be used with all TT powders including Prizma
A+ Liquid can be used with all TT powders including Prizma
Xtra-Adhesion Liquid can be used with all TT powders including Prizma
Odor-less Liquid can be used with all TT powders including Prizma


Primer - also, go to Primer page for more in-depth information

Primer: When you see a lot of particles floating inside the primer bottle, the primer is becoming contaminated.
- Note on Primer: If primer freezes, Do "Not" remove lid; warm the primer bottle under warm running water until primer is liquefied, and there are "no" more ice crystals.

- Caution: If you try to remove the lid when the primer is still frozen: this will usually result in the primer brush bristles staying in the bottle, and then floating around in the primer after primer has thawed.  You will now have to get a new primer brush.

- Caution note: Do "not" throw away the last primer bottle; always keep one extra primer bottle around in case you need the brush.

Primer page is located in Tammy's “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, by scrolling down to "P" to go to "Primer - Expiration or Shelf life..."


Polish - Expiration or Shelf life...

Polish will usually remain good for up to 2 years, if un-opened and stored in a dark, cool storage area, and not exposed to any large temperature fluctuations.

Once "Polish" has been opened, the aging process starts, and the Polish will last anywhere from 3 months to 10 months when properly stored.

Also note: You can "rejuvenate" your Polish with the Tammy Taylor "Polish Rejuvenator". See PDF file "Make old Nail Polish like New", in "Nail FAQ's".
Link to PDF file "Make old Nail Polish like New".


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