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Email Basics:
1. To send us an email:
Put the name
"Tammy Taylor" AND "Product name" into the Subject line

responding to an email that we have sent to you, please click on "Reply"

Notify us ahead of time about attachments.  We do not open attachments unless they have been verified ahead of time.
We send emails using: AskTammy

4. Set up any filtering on your email program to accept emails coming from either of the above email addresses. 
This is especially important if you want to receive our Weekly Specials, which are sent out at the end of the week.  Right now we try to email on Thursday evenings.

However, even if you miss the Weekly Special email - it is available in
Tammy’s “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”by clicking on "W" to go to the "Weekly Specials..." page.
Links to the "W" area on Tammy's "Nail FAQ's by Topic - W":

5. Email filtering is normally not an issue when you reply to an email that you have received.

To... AskTammy@TammyTaylorNails.com
Subject: Tammy Taylor products <-- It is very important that the name Tammy Taylor is in the Subject line. 
  1. Virus & SPAM...
Reason: We receive such a tremendous amount of email on a daily basis, that we are forced to use Virus & SPAM filters.  If the name
"Tammy Taylor" is  in the Subject line, your email is automatically placed into our "In Box".
  2. Attachments...
Since we do receive such a tremendous amount of email, we do not open attachments, because of a possible Virus; unless you contact us ahead of time, and explain that you will be sending an attachment, AND when you will be sending the attachment; name of attachment and approximate size of attachment.
Yes, we do accept attachments but you must notify us ahead of time.
  3. html & Stationary effects...
you may send email in "html" format, however please do not add background effects, and do not colorize your email page.  Stationary type effects cause many problems in emails.
Reply... Replying to an email...
When you Reply back to us,
you MUST click on Reply; so that when you are typing, our answer from your previous email will be below your new typed message.

Thus: Your first message will be at the bottom of the email message; our first answer will appear just above your first message.
And: Your 2nd message will appear at the top of the new message.
And again: Our 2nd Reply will now appear above your 2nd message.

Each time we email back & forth, whoever is Replying, their message will appear at the top of the email.  The previous correspondence will appear in order below.


Order of

Our 4th Reply
4th Question or Comment from you

Our 3rd Reply
3rd Question or Comment from you

Our 2nd Reply
2nd Question or Comment from you

Our Reply
1st Question or Comment from you
Reply Continually clicking on "Reply" to respond to an email keeps all of the questions, comments & answers intact.  This allows both of us to review what we typed on a previous email, and to be able to respond accordingly. 
Answer Since we do receive such a volume of email, and although we try to answer within 2-3 hours of receiving your email, emails arriving after 2:00 PM PST will normally be answered on the following day.
When you click "New" to Reply to an email, we then have to search for your previous question or comment; then find our answer; copy both together and add our new answer.  This process takes too much time, and may take a few days to a week for us to get back with you.

Solution for good email correspondence:
Always click on Reply to respond to an answer.










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