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Main Causes, Solutions and notes on LIFTING, Etching, Bubbles in Pink, Cracking, Drill, Primer, Lifting, Pockets, Reactions, Thin fingernails & Yellowing...
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Cuticle Area, Flip Up (down or away), Nails Feel thin, Peeling, 1/32 inch,
Pterygium Stone, Cuticle Skin, Soaking off...

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Drill bits, Pink & White Backfills, Nail-biters, Primer,
Starting your Own Salon

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Application of the Product on Pink & White Backfills  
Beautiful Pink & White Backfills (In under ONE Hour)  
Drill & Drill Bits & Video - Full Descriptions  
Filing & Buffing the acrylic nails AFTER a Pink & White Backfill  
Most Common Problems with Pink & White Backfills  
Nail Liquid (monomer) on SKIN - Whoops...l  
Preparation for the Pink & White Backfills  
Skin - Is it okay to get Nail Liquid (monomer) on skin? see Nail Liquid (monomer) on SKIN
Starting your own Salon... - (general guidelines)  
Tammy's Secrets for Beautiful Pink & White Backfills  
Using the drill and which bit for the Pink & White Backfills  





-  Also, please visit Tammy's
Video Library page, with full descriptions of all of her videos, on VHS and most of her videos are now on DVD.

“Full Set of Sculptured Nails for Nail-Biters” 

(56:17 min)
Buy It Now

   This video is so impressive.  It shows an extreme nail biter, with balls of skin overlapping the nail.  Leaving Tammy only half of a nail-bed to work she creates a beautiful Full Set of Pink & White Sculptured nails.  When a nail biter has a beautiful set of sculptured nails, they will never want to bite their nails again.  Nail techs who can do nail biters without using tips, will definitely be looked upon as the best Nail Techs in town.  And, this video shows how easy it is to do and how drastic the difference is.


Although, the finished picture above was done with
Whitest-White & Dramatic Pink, Tammy would prefer for
"Nail-Biters", to use the Prizma colours to cover imperfections. 

Pinkalicious, Buffed Pink & Pink Snowflake

If you want to do the Pink & White look:
Use the Prizma P-101 French White and the Prizma P-102 French Pink.

You can also vary the pink for the "nail-body" with any of the lighter Prizma "pinks", like P-112 Buffed Pink, P-124 Pink Snowflake & P-136 Pinkalicious.

Note on Nail-Biters: Tammy's "Prizma" colours will help to keep the Client from biting and picking at their nails; and you can use any of the Prizma colours as a single color on the fingernail, to cover any imperfections.

Skin - Tammy Taylor Nails "Nail Liquid":
Nail Liquid (monomer) on the "skin" - Whoops... or is it okay?
The acrylic nail liquid is easily washed from the human skin, with soap and water.

What you "do not" want on the skin is "primer".
Link to Primer article:



Starting your own Salon...

Here are some general ideas about starting up your own Salon…

Starting with Tammy’s “PRO - Nail FAQ’s by Topic”:
Scroll to “Advertising - Building A Profitable Business”; this page is dedicated to helping Technicians and Salon owners advertise and Build their businesses quickly.

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Starting your own Salon...
Education and knowing where to get the information:

  • The best way to get started is to start with Tammy's videos. Which of Tammy's videos do you now have?

  • Have you visited Tammy’s “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, on her “Professional” website, and viewed the Video

  • Library for all of the videos that Tammy has available?

  • Have you been reading Tammy's weekly emails?

  • Have you been to her Webolutionary page?

  • Have you viewed her Nail Party Episodes?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Starting your own Salon...
Professional look:

  • Always have only products from one manufacturer showing on your Station. 

  • Liquid, Powder, Oils, Polish, Forms, Dappen Dish, Brushes, Towelette’s, Files; all from the same company

  • This will enhance your credibility as a knowledgeable Technician, that really knows what they are doing. 

Also see Tammy’s Nail Party Episode #6: “What Image Are You Projecting To Your Clients & Potential Clients?”

Note: All of Tammy’s “Nail Party Episodes” will help your Professional look, and help a future Salon owner understand more fully, the workings in a Salon, including how to solve problems before they become a real problem.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Starting your own Salon...

  • Tammy never recommends that you discount your services.

  • Discounting to compete with discount Salons can cause Clients to look at your work as discount work. 

  • Discount work ethics is not the type of impression that you want.


  • It would be better to practice the quality of your acrylic nails, until you are very good.

  • Build up your confidence enough to say to yourself “I am good”. 

  • When you first set your pricing or raise your prices, you may lose a few Clients.

  • The Clients you lose are probably always going to shop discount. 

  • Loyal Clients will truly realize your work is good

  • Loyal Clients will also realize they have to pay for better service and better quality.

Pricing examples of a typical Work Week at 1 hour per Client:

  • 20 Clients at $20 a fill = $400 for the week for 20 Hours

  • 15 Clients at $25 a fill = $375 for the week for 15 Hours - 5 hours less but only $25 less

  • 15 Clients at $30 a fill = $450 for the week for 15 Hours - 5 hours less but $50 MORE

  • 15 Clients at $35 a fill = $525 for the week for 15 Hours - 5 hours less but $125 MORE

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Starting your own Salon...

  • Always think about ...

  • Direction of the Sun - Morning nice for start of day

  • Direction of the Sun - Afternoon, very much of a concern for HEAT

  • During the months of October through February, the Sun is lower in the sky.

  • Normal direction of wind flow - Can you open your doors or windows?

  • Access to entry door - Any obstructions can encumber Clients

  • Parking - A must is most of your Clients come in their car

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