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Callus or Calluses (skin) Definition

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callus
This article is about calluses and corns of human skin. For other uses, see Callus (disambiguation).

In dermatology, a callus (or callous) is an especially toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard as a response to repeated contact or pressure. In botany, the term is also used to announce a condition of thickened surfaces of leaves or other plant parts. Since repeated contact is required, calluses are most often found on hands or feet. Calluses are generally not harmful, but may sometimes lead to other problems, such as infection. Shoes that fit tightly can often produce calluses on the feet. String instrument players develop calluses where their fingers make contact with the strings, but these calluses are often desirable as they help alleviate the pain from the tension of the strings and make playing easier.

Removing the Callus on the feet: When it comes to removing calluses, it is best if you remove a little during each pedicure; allowing for at least 3-Pedicures to make the feet soft.  Use the Purple Terminator Foot File & the Callus Grinder along with Tammy's "Callus Soft".

CAUTION: When you remove too much callus too soon; the feet will be extremely tender, and the client will be very uncomfortable for a some time.

ALSO: Never use a blade!  Any type of razor or blade is PROHIBITED by almost ALL States.

Use the Tammy Taylor
"Callus Grinder"
to remove calluses easily.

The Callus Grinder is an
excellent "Retail" item for
your Salon.

Every client should have
one or two at home.  And
even one to take with them
when they travel.


The very best removal tool for calluses is Tammy's "Purple Terminator" Foot File

Purple Terminator Foot File

Products needed to Remove "calluses"
Link for a full explanation of products to use with the Callus Grinder
and when doing a Pedicure.



Shipping out of the USA:
The Tammy Taylor products may be ordered online from any country.  However when an order is placed from another country and even though you will receive a confirmation email, the shipping charge for Out of USA orders will be estimated by Accounting, and an email will be sent showing you the expected shipping charges for your order.

Note on Distributors: If we have a distributor in your country or near your location, we will notify you via email.

Note: When we process orders for out of the USA, we check with the shipper to get the best rate at the time the shipment is ready to be picked up. 

Also note that shipping can be dependant on how many packages a shipper ships to any particular country, at various times of the week or the month.  Which means shipping one day, and then shipping the same exact items on another day, can be different shipping charges.  As most shipments go by plane, it depends on how full or how empty is the plane.



"PDF" file

"I just finished test marketing my NEW “A+” NAIL LIQUID to see what “You”,
the Nail Technician would think.  Well, the response has been Fabulous!  The
“A+” NAIL LIQUID is flying out of here.  The Re-Orders are already coming in
and everyone is telling their friends."

Tammy Taylor

Brand New  A+ Nail Liquid
“My new
“A+” Nail Liquid will make your nails even more beautiful by keeping your “Whites Whiter” and your “Pinks Brighter”.
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor  A+ Nail Liquid
• Keeps Whites from Yellowing
• Keeps Pinks from Fading
• 90% “Less” Yellowing than other Liquids
• Lower “Odor” than other Liquids
• Extra Adhesion added for No Lifting
• Extra Durability for No Cracking & No Breaking
• Fast Setting & Easy to Use
• Use with ALL of the Tammy Taylor Powders:
[Original, Summer, Competitive, Odor-less & PRIZMA]
“A+” Nail Liquid is now available in ALL sizes! And, at the same low price as the Tammy Taylor “Original” liquid.


Brand New  A+ Coat
"PDF" file


Pink & White
acrylic nails

Brand New   A+ Coat
The Top Coat everyone has been waiting for: “I love my new
“A+” Coat. My nails are beautiful all the time and I never have to worry about sunscreens, polish remover, or household chemicals turning my nails yellow or sticky. And the “A+” Coat air dries quickly, so I can keep a bottle with me to touch up in between fills”.

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor   A+ Coat
• A High Gloss (U.V.) Acrylic Sealer for Pink & White acrylic nails
• Seals and Protects Pink & White acrylic nails from turning yellow
• Seals and Protects acrylic nails from staining, due to make up, smoking, chemicals, etc...
• Does not get sticky with sunscreens, polish removers, household chemicals and cleansers
• Easy to buff off
• Air dries in 30 seconds (Does not use a light!)
• Easy, Fast & Convenient
• Great for Retail

• Directions for Maintenance:
• Buff off “A+” Coat
• Buff with oil
• Wash hands and dry
To prevent cracking: Liberally apply 2 Heavy coats of “A+” Coat, especially during hot weather.

• Directions for Fill-ins:
• Buff off “A+” Coat
• Proceed with fill-in
• Wash hands and dry
To prevent cracking: Liberally apply 2 Heavy coats of “A+” Coat, especially during hot weather.

How To "Thin" A+ Coat:
How to thin out A+ Coat when it gets too thick:

  • Add a few drops of Tammy Taylor Polish Rejuvenator to A+ Coat
  • Re-apply lid and blend well, by rolling bottle back and forth in the palm of your hands.
  • IMPORTANT:  the A+ Coat will not thin out immediately, so you must set it aside for a couple of hours to let the A+ Coat & the Tammy Taylor Polish Rejuvenator blend thoroughly.
  • Add more Tammy Taylor Polish Rejuvenator as needed, be careful not to make it too thin, you still want that nice thick shiny coating to protect your nails.





“ANTOINE de Paris” Nippers


"I am so happy to announce that I am now offering “Antoine de Paris” Nippers.  “Antoine” Nippers are the very best nippers ever made!!!  I have had my “Antoine’s” for over 25 years and they are in perfect condition!"   

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor “ANTOINE’S” are…

  • Precision Handcrafted “Cobalt Inox Stainless Steel” nippers.
  • Cobalt steel is the strongest steel available in a nipper, and the nipper will retain its “razor sharp edge” up to 10 times longer than average nippers.
  • Proven to be superior; and the nippers will “last” 10 times longer than other nippers.
  • Trusted for Quality & Precision for over 35 years.
  • Engineered to fit the natural movement of your hand.
  • The special “Antoine” design provides greater precision control, and ease of handling.

Available Now

“Antoine” Gold Finish “Acrylic” Nippers
  • Featuring a double reinforced 1/2 inch jaw; small enough to chip away acrylic product with ease, yet strong enough to last 10 times longer than other acrylic nippers.

“Antoine” Silver Satin Finish “Cuticle” Nippers

  • Created to keep its razor sharp edge up to 10 times longer than other cuticle nippers.
  • Featuring a 1/2 inch jaw with single spring action; and, they feel smooth and comfortable in your hand.
  • Always giving you better precision control when nipping tiny pieces of dry frayed cuticle; never tugging or tearing.

Now Available at only $35.00 each


Foot Rasp,
Callus Remover,
Callus Shaver

The “blade” is banned in most States.  

The “blade” has never been recommended by Tammy Taylor.

Also, when using the “blade”, Technicians will have a tendency to take off too much callus; thus causing the foot tenderness, and even painful to wear snug shoes.

And, the “blade” can cause infections.


See Removing the Callus on the feet




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