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100% Lift-Free Nails using the 12 Step System
12 Step System (3-pg)

              54 - Photos in all...
14 - Photos choosing & applying Forms
25 - Photos product balls and placement

15 - Photos Etching to filing & finished nail

12 Step System (2-pg) PDF - 2-pages with 14 Color Photos
Color Photos: 14 total
911 Step-by-Step PDF - 3 pages with Color Photos
Color Charts - Links --->
Nail Powder
descriptions and Displaying
Nail Powders (polymer) Original, Cover-It-Up & Competitive Edge
Prizma acrylic colors,
Soulmates (Nail Lacquer & Gel Polish)
Gelegance (GEL colors)

Combination Chart Chart - PDF for Liquid & Powder (PDF file)

Competition Nails Sheet

Grading & Scoring of sculptured acrylic nails & Practice Sheet
Beautiful Balls = Beautiful Nails
Ugly Balls = Ugly Nails
Step-by-Step with Photos
Miracle Manicure Base Coat
Top Gel +
Nail Gelz Gel Paint
GEL coats & Gel Paint
Pink & White Back-fills Tammy’s Secrets for Beautiful Pink & White Backfills

Practice Sheet
Competition Sheet

: English, Spanish & French

(a Scoring Sheet for Grading Practice Nails)

Price LIst - Catalog Current Price Catalog - Professional
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