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Editorial: How To Make Client Cards – Fast and Easy
By Tammy Taylor

Client cards:
Client Contact Information     
Client Appointment History


Tammy created these Client "Information" & "History" Cards for the Nail Tech to keep important information.  They fit on a 5" x 8" Card stock. 



See below for links, and downloading:
Client Cards...
Client History Client Card Client Card Information


AromaSpa Pedicure Nail Elegance Nail Expressions Tulips Tulips faded

1. For the files listed below: you can either download to your computer, or print directly to your printer.  You may also take them to your local printer, a copy store or an office supply store, to have them printed on 5” x 8” Card stock; usually called: Index or Address cards.  This card stock is usually available at your local office supply store. 

2. You can also print these files directly to a standard printer, using size 8 1/2” x 11” size paper.  Trim as necessary.

3. If you print any of the files below to 8 ½ by 11 paper; you can fold the paper in half (for Front & Back use), and trim a ¼ inch off of each side so the paper will fit in the standard box for 5" x 8" Card stock.

4. If you have them printed to 5 x 8 Card stock, you can print the top half of the page to one side of the Card and the bottom half to the other side of the Card. 

5. Two of the files below have the word “cropmark” in their name.  These files have crop marks top, center and bottom, of the printed page, so you can trim them easily.

6. If you are on a tight budget, you can save a little money by doing #3 above.

The files below are Client Cards
in PDF format, for printing on paper or Card stock.

Download these files zipped Files below have "crop marks"
Client Card History.pdf

Client Card History_cropmark.pdf

Client Card Information.pdf   Client Card Information_cropmark.pdf

Sample pictures of Client History Card, front & back.

Sample pictures of Client Information Card, front & back.


The "Poster" pictures below are for your advertising,
like Flyers & Business Cards.

You may click on a picture to download the picture in zipped format. 
The size of these "Poster" pictures are about 4" x 5".

AromaSpa Pedicure

Size: 1.3 mb

Nail Elegance

Size: 895 kb

Nail Expressions

Size: 636 kb


Size: 943 kb

  Tulips Faded - for backgrounds

Size: 1.2 mb



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