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Building A Profitable Business

Building a Profitable Business

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Do Beautiful Acrylic Pink & White Nails

2. Take Care of Your Customers

3. Pass Out Your Business Cards or Flyers "Daily"

Articles on Building Your Business -Some notes on Advertising

All Articles with the money sign will teach you how to make more money.

 Nail FAQ's by Topic (PRO)  -  Webolutionary


Articles on
Building Your Business

The "Specials" listed in the files below have or will expire. However, the information is current.
3-D Nail Art DVD BRAND NEW DVD - Beautiful, Simple, Easy, 3-D Nail Art & Designs in "Under" 5 Minutes
A+ Coat Do you want your clients Pink & White Acrylic nails to stay white, clean and fresh looking in between Fill-ins?
ALERT... Nail Technicians ALERT: Stay where you are! Do not get restless...
Brush Voted Best Brush by Nail Technicians
Customer Service That's the Spirit!  We are gaining MOMENTUM!
Favorite products A+ Coat, Pterygium Stone, First Choice Disinfectant & Long-Lasting Zebra 180-grit (disposable 10-pk)
Favorite products Tip & Repair Glue, Cuticle Oil, Super Soft Shiner & Super Dry Top Coat
Favorite products A+ Coat, Polish Remover & Brush Cleaner
Files (Natural Nail File) Your favorite Natural Nail File...
Foot File NEW Brand New "Tammy Taylor Foot Files" - "How I Created my New Foot File" (Zebra FOOT File)
Forms I created the Tammy Taylor Nail Forms, for speed and ease; I wanted to create...
French Manicure "kit" Perfect French Manicure "kit"
Liquid (monomer) Clients' activities different times of the year and clients' physical chemistry or medications can affect what type of nail liquid to use.
Liquid 5 different I have designed 5 different nail liquids...
Liquid (Back up) Do you have an Emergency Back-Up Nail Liquid?
Maintenance kit At-Home Maintenance Kit for your clients Pink & White acrylic nails...
Manage your Time When the going gets TOUGH the TOUGH get going! So, come on girls, NOW is the time to GET TOUGH!
Manicure & Pedicure "Spa" Pedicure & Manicure Kit
Moisture Lotion Are you looking for an Intense Moisturizer that works?
NO-LIFT NAIL KIT Disposable "Etcher" File Strips, Pterygium Stone, Plastic Manicure Brush, Primer
Oils Do you use any type of Cuticle Oils or Polish Quick Dry products?
Polish - Necessity Polish Accessory Necessity Kit
Polish Remover I was tired of making a MESS, every time I took off my client’s RED POLISH.
Powder (polymer) You need to have a great nail powder to do great nails...
Primer NON-LIFTING "PRIMER" - Works Fabulous with all Brands of Acrylic Products
Prizma acrylic Right Now is the perfect time to try more "Prizma" Colours,
This is the Greatest News we could have as Nail Technicians: The 2008 Black Friday retail sales were up 3% over 2007...
Specials, about running
Even When you have been in Business over 50 years like Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstroms, you still need to Run Specials and keep on top of your business...

Support Local Business The Way to STIMULATE our own Economy, in our own Community, is by keeping the money flowing in our local businesses.
Spray Pain Awayl
Do You or Anyone you know Suffer From any Type of Pain?
Stop Pain Instantly for Hours! With "Tammy Taylor Spray Pain Away!"
Thymolize "GOT FUNGUS?" - Nail Fungus Can Be Prevented
Top & Base Coats How to Choose the “Correct” BASE COATS and TOP COATS, for Different Types of Nails
I chose Towelette's for you because I am so spoiled I cannot do nails without my Towelette's...
Zebra File 100-grit Long-Lasting Zebra File (Disinfectable and washable)

5 Top New Years Resolutions - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Accept Adapt Change Prosper - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Are You Happy With Your Job - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Be The Leader You Would Want To Follow... - Tammy Taylor - PDF

BEST Recession Proof Businesses - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Build Your Desired Clientele in only 3 Months -
          Brochures, Gift Certificates & Flyers

Building Better Clients… 

Business Cards - see article above Build Your Desired Clientele...

Business is Personal - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Brochures - see article above Build Your Desired Clientele...

Calendar to help organize Monthly Specials

Can I be Content in My Job - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Client Cards

Clients Fade Away Do Not Let Your Holiday Clients - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Close the Old Chapter and Start a New Chapter - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Consistency Boring - Tammy Taylor - PDF - (is being consistent boring...?)

Coupon Book -
          Dear Client - Dear Future Client -
Directions How To -

          Coupon Book, etc... also see Previous
Nail Party Episode 13 

Display - Retail Display Center

Dear Client - see Coupon Book above  
Earn Week, Hours to work, Charge per Hour - see I Have been doing nails...   
Educator Training Class 

Evaluate Yourself 

          Extra Money or Extra Income - this is the page for advertising ideas...

Enough Of The Doom And Gloom - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Everything Depends on Sells - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Flyers - see Build Your Desired Clientele... 

Full-Time Demo Girl Available  

Give Clients More Than What They Pay For - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Hard Decisions - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Hard Getting Out of Bed - Tammy Taylor - PDF

How To Promote Yourself - see Evaluate Yourself

I Have been doing nails 2 1/2 years and I am not making enough money.

Is There Anyone Who Can Push Your Buttons - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Is This Client Worth It - Tammy Taylor - PDF

It Is Never To Late
Business is not Built in a Day nor Does a Business Crumble in a Day - Tammy Taylor - PDF

It Only Takes 5 Minutes a Day - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Life Never Gets Less Stressful We Just Get BETTER - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Make an extra $7,800.00 this year

Make More Money and with Less Stress - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Mandatory Time Out - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Nail FAQ's = Retail
Nail FAQ's by Topic = Professional

Nail Maintenance for "Acrylic" & "Natural" nails 

Nail Technicians Resolutions, A  

Pay Attention to the LITTLE Things - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Product Catalog

Procrastination - 2010 Is Starting Out Good (Procrastination styles) - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Procrastination - Perfectionism or Procrastination (Know your Procrastination style) - Tammy Taylor - PDF

REACT for SUCCESS - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Retail Display Center
Retail: "Nail FAQ's" Clients are looking at Tammy's Prescriptions page on Tammy's "Retail" website

STAY and FIGHT... - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Stay Positive Pumped Up and Ready to Win - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Too much to do then DO LESS - Tammy Taylor - PDF

To Raise or Not To Raise - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Use-Your-Special-Talent-This-Week... - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Very 1st Hour of Our Day Determines Next 23 Hours - Tammy Taylor - PDF

What Business Are You In - Tammy Taylor - PDF

What endless possibilities! - What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Where is my Profit Going - Tammy Taylor - PDF

Yes We Can Make a Difference - Tammy Taylor - PDF
Note about Retail: Professional Nail Technicians visit Tammy's "Retail" website.  This gives you a chance to see what your Clients are looking at, and why you should encourage your clients to view often. 

As a Professional, it is good to fully understand how your Clients view your profession, and what you can do to help improve their knowledge.  With Education & Knowledge, your Clients will become BETTER Clients.


Some notes on Advertising:

  1. Please go to Tammy’s “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”; then scroll down to “Advertising…”.
  2. Note: You should be dropping off your business card every day.
  3. Have you been to the local Chamber of Commerce, to see when & where the local businesses are having functions; like coffee clutches, etc…?
  4. Are you doing “pedicures”?
  5. Are you doing Pink & White acrylic “toenails”?
Have you viewed Tammy’s “Nail Party Episodes”?

Have faith!  Be committed!  Go forward!  Love what you do!  Make acquaintances daily!  Then as you work, try to help educate others on what you are doing.  When you keep your clients informed, this will help establish a rapport, and it will help to build their confidence in you.

Learning about some business ideas for building your business in Tammy’s “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, you will find a wealth of very helpful information about acrylic nails; and on Tammy's "Webolutionary" page, you will find a number of "short" video clips, showing procedures.

And more...

1.      When you need new clients – inform your existing clients that you have a few openings available.
      People move, change jobs and different circumstances happen.

2.      Are you using all of the Tammy Taylor products?  If so we can add you to our Salon Wanted list; where customers email us looking for Salons in their area.

3.      If you are trying to improve you speed; how many of Tammy’s videos do you have?

4.      Have you raised your prices recently? Or how long back did you adjust your pricing?

5.      Have you been to Tammy’s “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, and looked up “Flyers…” or “Advertising’?

6.      When was the last time you passed out a Business Card?


And a little more...
1. Tammy recommends that you start doing acrylic "toenails" right away. And remember; acrylic toenails are about 4-feet away from your client's eyes. This will allow Technicians to practice, and perfect the technique of acrylic Pink & White nails, and while getting paid.

2. The following information can be found in Tammy’s "Nail FAQ’s by Topic":
3. After signing in to Tammy’s “Professional” website, please click on “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, located on the left side-bar; then review the following:
Nail Party Episodes – (web-videos of procedure & products)
Webolutionary page – (short 1-5 minutes web-video clips)

4. Materials needed:
Practice Sheet – available for download
Video Library – List and descriptions of videos (available in “online” store)

5. Kit, Study Guide & Manual needed:
Totally Awesome Nail Kit – video of Tammy explaining the kit – (products kit)
Nails in Stages on DVD & Workbook – Online store – (Study guide)
Guide to Manicuring & Advanced Nail Technology – Online store – (Manual)


Tammy's "Tulips" poster, and
when faded a little, makes an excellent background
for brochures, flyers & business cards.



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