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Product Spotlight  


Super Dry Top Coat


The fastest drying, non-light cured top coat available. Tammy Taylor’s Super Dry Top Coat dries so fast that you can actually polish your own nails between clients and not worry about the polish smudging. Super Dry Top Coat is the perfect top coat for pedicures. You can retail this to your clients so that they can freshen up their polish at home. The ½ ounce bottle sells for $3.75, and the 4-ounce refill bottle is only $7.50.



Tammy Taylor’s Protein Spray


Tammy’s Protein Spray in fresh Peach or fragrant Jasmine scents restore vital proteins and emollients to the hair and skin. You can use Tammy’s Protein Spray after you shower, or after a day in the sun. Your skin and hair will have a healthy glow and feel like new. Tammy Taylor’s Protein Spray is an excellent leave-in conditioner for your hair; it will not weigh down even the finest of hair. These Protein Sprays will condition your hair and skin through all kinds of weather or heat damage. An 8-ounce bottle sells for $6.25.



Tammy Taylor’s

Peach Moisturizing

Lotion and Crème


Formulated to care for skin exposed to sun, water, wind and cold. Tammy Taylor’s Peach Moisturizing Lotion and Crème are fortified with liposomes, rare botanicals, and vitamins. They contain no mineral oil, no alcohol; they are non carcinogenic and no animal testing has been done. Our Peach Moisturizing Lotion and Crème are perfect for manicures and pedicures. Your client’s skin will stay moist and have no greasy after feel. Your clients will love Tammy’s lotion and crème so much they will want to buy a bottle for home. The 8-ounce size sells for $9.00; the 16-ounce size is only $14.95.


The Moisture Crème is excellent for extra dry skin.









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