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Dear Tammy,

Regarding your odorless product, I had some problems with it

 setting up. Could you tell me what I could do to make it set

 up faster?

Thank You,

Erin Stock


Dear Erin,

You need to use a "75 watt flood light bulb" (about the same size as a regular light bulb) in your lamp. Make sure to keep your station warm, especially right now with the weather getting cold. Also, use very little liquid; the ball will be dry and chalky looking, then it will flow after you place it on the nail. One four ounce bottle of liquid should do 600 nails.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor


Dear Tammy,

Are your Pre Etched nail tips the same thing as French Manicured nails?

Thank you,


Dear Phien,

Yes! This is the same tip. My favorite tip is the Whitest White Cut-Out Square Tip. You will love it. These tips are also excellent to use for the holidays and prom season. They make such beautiful nails on everyone and they’re so easy to do. There is no need to blend or file. It is all done for you. Just glue it on and overlay with acrylic.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor







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