Tammy Taylor Nails

A Nail Technician's

for making more money
in the New Millennium


* I will Do a Full Set in under 1-Hour.

* I will Do a Pink and White Backfill, with a drill.

* I will Educate my Clients how to do home maintenance and sell more retail.

* I will Raise my prices.

* I will fire my client who gives me a stomach ache.

* I will become a Tammy Taylor Club Member.

* I will attend at least one Tammy Taylor Class a year.

* I will arrive early to work every day.

* I will call my clients the night before their appointment.

* I will Sanitize and Disinfect.

* I will do beautiful nails.

* I will have a great Attitude.






Table of Contents:  1,2 & 3-Millennium Seminar,  4-Behind the Service & the Scenes,  5-Product Spotlight,  6-Turkey Day,  7-Ask Tammy,  8-A Nail Technicians Resolutions


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