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Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc., Talk of the Town, Newsletter
Coordinators: Tammy Taylor, Ed Taylor, Sr.

  Tammy’s Millennium Seminar now Available on VideoTammy2   cont... Tammy’s Millennium Seminar now Available on Video3   cont... Tammy’s Millennium Seminar now Available on Video4   Behind the Service & the Scenes at Tammy Taylor Nails East Coast… and The Accounting Department…
5   Product Spotlight
Super Dry Top Coat, Protein Spray, Peach Moisturizing Lotion and Crème
6   Turkey Day at Tammy Taylor Nail’s7   Ask Tammy8   A Nail Technicians Resolutions
for making more money in the New Millennium

Table of Contents:  1,2 & 3-Millennium Seminar,  4-Behind the Service & the Scenes,  5-Product Spotlight,  6-Turkey Day,  7-Ask Tammy,  8-A Nail Technicians Resolutions

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