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Merry Christmas – Tammy Taylor Style

As the year draws closer to an end, there is that oh so familiar air 

Sharon, Tammy, Tabby and Janene

of hustle and bustle. Shoppers are rushing to and from every shopping center in a 100-mile  radius in search of ‘the’ perfect gift. There are traditions and new experiences alike and one just cannot help but get caught up in the season.


At Tammy Taylor Nails, it is no different. The office is festively decorated, the monthly potluck has that familiar red and green coloring to it, and everyone is filled with the spirit of the season. Just when you think it can’t get any better, around comes Santa’s little helper with your invitation to the Tammy Taylor Christmas Party.

Cheryl Frost and Lara


This years Christmas party was once again held at the Coto De Caza Country Club, in Coto De Caza, California. The hall was decorated beautifully. When you first walked in the door your eyes fell upon a Christmas tree that could hold its’ own among the Grand Tetons. The dinning area was decorated in Grand Ballroom style. The lighting was low, giving off just enough light to cast that holiday glow. Women and men in their Christmas best gathered and greeted each other. Smiles were exchanged, and warm wishes were flowing.

The guest list to the party included everyone from outside

Mike Knutson and Natalie

 company consultants, to family and friends. Tammy also flew in the ‘Top  Educator of the Year,’ Cheryl Frost and her husband all the way from Michigan. Our own Shannon Urquiola, Director of Education for the East Coast Office, and her husband, beautifully represented the Orlando Office of Tammy Taylor Nails. Hailing all the way from Ohio were Company Educators Janene Bushey, Tabby Alfrey, and Sharon White. In total, over 150 guests were in attendance for the grand event.


If you have not heard, let me be the first to tell you, in ‘Taylor-Land’ you eat very well. I have even heard something

Tory Harrelson & Carla

 about food having no calories when prepared there. At this years Christmas table guests had their choice of salads, potatoes, stuffing, green beans or vegetable medley, rice, turkey and prime rib, and all the fixings to complete the meal. The desserts we cannot mention, for fear that the calories will somehow seep through the pages and find our hips once again. To say they were delicious would be putting it mildly. There was every type of chocolate decadence, seasonal pie, and even a few ‘special’ chef creations.

At the beginning of the evening’s program, Tammy was given a token of appreciation from the employees of the West Coast Corporate Headquarters. Tammy was presented with a Sony 

Tammy opening her present.

Digital  Camera. She had been hinting for several months that "She really would like one of those digital cameras," and we took it from there. Tory Harrelson, In House Company Educator, presented Tammy with her gift early in the evening’s program so that pictures could be taken of the party. Tammy was given a camera bag, extra battery cartridges, and an extended memory chip to ensure that no picture will ever be missed.

As the evening program continued Tammy took time to thank her guests, family, and friends for their support and attendance. At this year’s party Tammy herself ventured off the ‘normal’ path and presented every employee the award of "Employee of the Year." Tammy said that she truly felt that every employee of Tammy Taylor Nails had worked hard to make this year a super year for the company, and she felt all deserved to be honored.

Ed Taylor, Sr. & Tammy (Tammy's Dad)


Tammy did, however, present two very special awards this year to two incredibly special men. The first award was to her father, Edward Taylor, Sr. She presented him an award for his believing in her, and for his total support of her all her life.




The second award was given to her

Tammy hugs the Number One man in her life, her husband Darrell.

 husband and mentor, Darrell Mitchell. She presented Darrell with a stunning crystal globe. Tammy said, "It was for the man that showed me the world." At the end of Tammy’s presentation, it was hard to find a dry eye in the house. With every award presented and all eyes dry, the festivities continued.



As each person was welcomed into the party they were given a lottery ticket. The other half of the ticket was placed in a bin. As the evening continued Tammy would draw a ticket out of the bin. With each ticket drawn the holder was given a fifty dollar bill, and a chance to "Spin the Wheel." Spinning the wheel gave you the chance to win  $500.00. Last year you had to sing a Karaoke song 

Sharon, Tabby, Janene & Shannon

to get the chance to spin the wheel, this year you just had to show up. And, if all that was not enough to fill an evening, all those in attendance were welcome to sing a song with the Karaoke 


All in all the party was more than a success. Every one who attended left feeling just a bit warmer, a bit more festive, and a bit more in the holiday spirit. Each of us felt privileged and special by the party held in our honor. Thank you Tammy for a wonderful evening, and God Bless us everyone.





Most Influential Educators

for 1999

Congratulations to the following Tammy Taylor Company Educators: Ed Taylor, Sr., Melodee Lange, Jane McDowell, Michael Knutson, Tory Harrelson, Leta Kennedy, Shannon Urquiola, Janene Bushey, Lori Michelle Kotzin, Kathy Jack, Kelly Edge, Michelle Cordes, Cheryl Frost, and Corine Hughes. These fourteen educators have been nominated for the Nails Magazine "Most Influential Educators of 1999." Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to Tammy Taylor Nails, and good luck to each of you.


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