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Hi Tammy,

I want to thank you and my educator Leta for all your help with the setting up of my new nail salon here in Portland, MI. I am using all Tammy Taylor products and am having great success with them, especially the acrylics. After talking at length with Leta at the Great Lakes Beauty Show in Dearborn, Michigan, I was convinced that Tammy Taylor was the best company to do business with. It also helped when you used me as a model to put a set of nails on! My clients also love the Spa Pedicure line. Also, a big thank you to you Tammy for signing all my posters. They are all on my walls and look great! You are a super company to do business with.

Thanks again,

Tyann Wallace

Perfect Ten Nails


Thank you for the nice compliments, Leta and I really appreciate them. Leta has been keeping me posted on your progress since the show, and I have been really impressed. Keep up the great work!


Tammy Taylor


Hi Tammy,

When will you be holding your Millennium class in North Carolina? I really would like to attend this seminar, I am excited about this up coming year and can’t wait. Please e-mail this information as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time,

Tiffaney Edwards Pitts


I do not have a date yet for North Carolina. But, I do have a great video. It is brand new. I taped my "How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium Seminar" and made it available for sale. It is like having me live in your living room. So, I would suggest getting a copy of this video now and I will let you know when I have a class date.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor




Dear Tammy,

I use whitest white and dramatic pink. After I do my Full Set and start doing fills I get cracking and some breaking. What can I do to fix this?

Thank you,

LaDonna Triggs


Ninety percent of breakage is caused by over filing. When I do a fill I do not even file the sides, I just lightly smooth them with my 180 grit Zebra file. The reason is, if you file down the sides every time, they become thinner and thinner. Also, I would add one more, small pink ball on the nail bed to reinforce this area against cracking. I have a fantastic video on Back-Fills and Regular Fills that I would suggest that you purchase.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor


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