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Tammy Taylor Smock

Tammy Taylor’s cute sleeveless smock is made out of nylon, so spills wipe off easily, and it always looks great and professional. The all black smock has a Tammy Taylor logo on the upper left hand side to add that bit of Tammy Taylor pride. The smock has a front snap closure to make it simple to take on and off. Our smock has plenty of pockets to make it convenient to keep your receipts and money close to you throughout the day. The smock is only $39.95 and comes in two sizes, one size fits all and extra, extra large.


Tammy Taylor Forms Holder

This handy nail form holder is the perfect accessory for every nail technician. It keeps your forms organized and out of the way of any accidental spills. The Tammy Taylor Nail Form Holder makes forms easy to pull out and place on your client. Our form holder can be placed on your table or mounted to the wall next to your station for easy access. The Tammy Taylor Form Holder will also hold three Tammy Taylor Brushes for added convenience and ease. Our form holder is made out of a clear, durable acrylic that will fit with any salons d├ęcor. The price of the Tammy Taylor Form Holder is only $24.95.


Tammy Taylor Ceramic Dappen Dish

Tammy Taylor Ceramic Dappen Dishes are so easy to use. These beautiful dishes weigh a half a pound and have a cork bottom to avoid tipping. The well for your liquid was designed to keep fumes down for less odor and makes your balls perfect every time. The cork lid keeps your liquid from evaporating. You can use acetone to clean your dish and it will not affect the ceramic. Tammy Taylor’s Dappen Dishes are so easy to clean and use, you will never have contamination. These dishes make a beautiful addition to your workstation. The black dappen dish is perfect for your liquid, allowing you to see when you need to change your old liquid for new. The white dappen dish is excellent for your brush cleaner. Each Tammy Taylor Dappen Dish is only $14.95.

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