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Dear Tammy  - Accolades

I have no question I will only say that I love your products and my clients are satisfied as well.

Heike Csilling

Dear Heike,

Thank you. It is always nice to hear that we are doing a good job.

Good Luck and thank you again,
Tammy Taylor






Dear Tammy,  - Accolades

I have been using your product for about a year now, I LOVE IT!! I will never use another product again. I have received so many compliments on my work: my clients tell me their nails have never looked so good, and they will never go anywhere else!! Tammy, thank you for a true quality product that allows me to be better at what I do. Even my boss is amazed at how good the nails look when the clients come back in to have them filled. Thank you again Tammy!!

Tracy Thomas
Tracy, Thank you,

It is always nice to hear such positive feedback. Keep up the great work.

Tammy Taylor




Dear Tammy,  -  Air Bubbles

I read your trouble shooting section on your web site and did not see any suggestions for a problem with air bubbles. I sometimes notice them after the acrylic dries. I cannot notice them unless I really look closely at the nail, but I want to have the perfect nail. What am I doing wrong?

Raquel Stowell

Dear Raquel,

Air bubbles in acrylic are caused by using the product too dry. Try using your product wetter; you can do this by using a little more liquid in your Tammy Taylor Brush. You want to do this especially with the pink product on the nail bed. And, make sure you use the Tammy Taylor Deep Ceramic Dappen Dish. This should take care of the problem for you.

Good Luck,
Tammy Taylor



Hello Tammy,  - Brush Cleaner

I love your products! But I don’t know how to use my Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner. How long do I soak my brush? Do I need to rinse my brush after I soak it? My rep (Michael) is great! And he has done a wonderful job answering all my "how to" questions.

Thank You,


Soak your Tammy Taylor brush in T.T. Brush Cleaner until the hard acrylic is soft and peels out. If there is not hard acrylic in your brush and it is soft, just dip your brush in Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner and wipe it off on a T.T. Towelette. There is no need to rinse with Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner. If you allow your brush to soak for a long time in the Brush Cleaner the bristles might get bent, just run it under hot water and the bristles will straighten out.

Good Luck,
Tammy Taylor



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