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Who is this amazing girl? She requires no breaks, food, salary, paid holidays or sleep! She is never late, you can always count on her and she will work 24 hours a day with a little help from a TV\VCR. Above all, she makes you money! She has so many credentials and many references. Who do you know that would do all this for ONLY a one-time fee of $59.95? Of course, only Tammy Taylor and her fabulous "Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures", video!



Think about this, sometimes, there is so much space in your salon that is not utilized! All you need is a corner and a small TV and VCR, and of course your "Demo Girl!" Pop her in, turn down the volume and let her go to work. She will be demonstrating 9 of the most popular nail procedures:

Odor-less Pink & White Sculptured Nail
Original Pink & White Sculptured Nail

Pink & White Backfill
– Clients always want their nails to stay beautiful, and pink and white.

One ball Fill In – For that client that is in a hurry, or likes to wear polish.

Whitest-White Cut-Out Tip with Acrylic

Natural Nail Tip Applied with Acrylic

Overlay with Pink & White Acrylic

Nail Bitters for Men and WomenThese clients will become your forever clients! Most nail biters do not think they can ever like the appearance of their hands. Your "Demo Girl" will show them how they can be proud of their nails while they are in your waiting room waiting for their other service.

Natural Nail ShineThe perfect service for the professional man in someone’s life. Manicures every 2 weeks and their nails will say they take pride in themselves and their business.

There are so many clients, and so little time for you to explain all the services available in your salons. While your clients are waiting…they will get an overview of those special services that are available. Display before and after photos around the TV, we all like to see before and after photos. Also, seasonal promotions gift certificates and congratulations on your promotion, etc. Change these often to keep it exciting. How about a "Wanted" poster? "Wanted: Nails Like These" with different pictures and comments like, "Men whose nails look like this!" Show them the difference your salon can make for them. Do not waste space, show them how to spend more money in your salon and force yourself to make more money!

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