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Tammy Taylor’s

Most Popular Nail Procedures"



In this amazing video, Tammy Taylor personally teaches you how to accomplish the nine most popular and most requested procedures for nail technicians. This one video contains the following procedures: Odorless Pink & White Sculptured Nail, Original Pink & White Sculptured Nail, Pink & White Backfill, One Ball Fill-In, Whitest-White Cut-Out Tip With Acrylic, Natural Nail Tip Applied with Acrylic, Overlay with Pink & White Acrylic, Nail Biters for Men and Women, and Natural Nail Shine. This is a must-have for every nail technician or salon owner. This video is a steal at only $59.95.


Tammy Taylor’s

"How to Survive the Nail Business in the New Millennium"

"Millennium Seminar"




This is the latest addition to the famous Tammy Taylor Video Library. In these videos, Tammy personally shows you the way to take your business to the next level. Tammy teaches you not only techniques used everyday in your salon, but she takes a fresh approach to the "how to’s" of business. This fantastic video set is unlike any of the other helpful videos in Tammy’s amazing video Collection. No salon is complete without a copy of Tammy’s latest masterpiece, and no nail technician should be caught without it. This video set sells for only $50.00.


Tammy Taylor’s

"Faster Nails with Product Consistency"



This video is a necessity for every nail technician. It is the perfect reminder of how to stay consistent, and keep your time on full sets and fills down to less than 1 hour. Almost all of you have heard Tammy speak on the importance of consistency; what better way is there to remind yourself of the basics than with this amazing little video. It is the perfect tool for instructing newly hired nail technicians in your Salon. The Product Consistency video is an excellent addition to your existing Tammy Taylor video library, or better yet, it is the perfect way to start one. This video is full of wonderful insights and tips, and can be yours for only $19.95.

1 & 2:   Full-Time Demo Girl Available...,  TOC: Table of Contents,  3:  Ask Tammy,  4 & 5:   Long Beach Beauty Show,  6:  Happy Birthday Tammy Taylor,  7:  Calling All Nail Technicians,  8:  Product Spotlight

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