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Each month we receive many complimentary correspondences via e-mail, phone calls, on line chat rooms or from letters you have sent in to Tammy. Below are some compliments, questions, and concerns we would like to share with you.




Hey Michael! What an exciting day! I finally tried Tammy Taylor last night on one of my friends. I cannot believe how easy it was to apply and THEY LOOK GOOD! I really love the color of the dramatic white. I will be calling today to place an order. Thank you for keeping in touch with me. I cannot believe that I did nails for over two years without Tammy Taylor.

Talk to you soon.

Jennifer Little, Hair Gallery, West Plains, Missouri.


Classes are Important

Dear Tammy,

I have just come home from a class taught by your educator, Shannon Hatfield. She was extremely pleasant, professional, and thorough. Our students and my staff loved her class. Shannon came through for us and she did an excellent job. We all just felt that she deserved some praise. Her commitment to Tammy Taylor and her commitment to this profession is evident in everything she did. Thank you for choosing such a great educator!


Rhonda Dossett, Instructor and all students from Pat Wilson’s Beauty College in Henderson, KY.


Dear Tammy:

Thank you so much for making nails fun and exciting!! I have a full library of your videos. I watch each one of them at least once a month. As I watch them, I always find one tip I video-group-a4.JPG (40906 bytes) have overlooked that enables me to do nails quicker and faster. I just received my "Millennium" video and I cannot thank you enough for putting this seminar on video. My sales representative Ruben was right in saying that this was the best video to purchase. After watching it three times to make sure I remembered everything you said, I decided to pull out my backfill drill bit and use it on my first client of the day. What a wonderful drill bit. It made me faster at completing a backfill. I did it in one hour and ten minutes. My usual time is one hour and thirty minutes. This cut my backfill time down by twenty minutes. I cannot believe I have had this drill bit for two years and never used it. When I called Ruben, he congratulated me and was very happy for me. My goal is to perform a backfill in forty-five minutes. Thank you, Tammy, once again for making my job fun and exciting to learn. You are the best!!!

in 45 minutes

Sincerely, video-group-b4.jpg (40315 bytes)

Kris McDonald, Gib’z Cuttan Loose


Thank you. I am so glad that my videos helped. Keep up the motivation to learn and you will be very successful. Again, Thank you.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor




... online chat room ...

The next few questions were forwarded to Tammy. They come from an online chat room.

Dear Tammy, I know that some companies use natural oils in their buffing oil, would that be better to use on the top of the nail for buffing since it would have healing properties?

Thank you, 


Dear Vicki,

I promote all of my scented cuticle oils for buffing the nail! My oils are an all purpose oil for buffing and eliminating dryness! They are not for healing cuticles. If you want an oil that buffs out scratches, then my buffing oil is for you. If you are looking for something to heal cuticles or nourish them, I suggest you use (and retail) Tammy Taylor Nail Nourishment Oil. It has Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and vitamins A and E. So, there are really two separate issues and the answer depends on what you are wanting the oil to do!



Thank you so much for clearing THAT one up! We have had many discussions about and what the "best" cuticle oil would be—it was confusing having various experts or educators giving two different views about this issue. This is the only answer that makes sense!!!


Key West

This list courtesy of beautytech.com


Dear Tammy,

I have a client who is a nurse. She said the benzoyl peroxide in the product is giving her reactions. I use the tubs that Tammy Taylor comes in to apply acrylic and it’s right there on the container, she saw it there. I told her that she might be having a reaction to the primer, but she said she feels the heat when the acrylic is applied (why didn’t she say something when I was applying it?) ... I just wanted to know if anyone had anyone that was allergic to this.

Thanks, Lynette



Use Primer very Sparingly
Always use with Primer-Holder

Dear Lynette,

The benzoyl peroxide in the powder will not cause any reaction, because it is not in pure form. That means that it is in the powder to make it harden as an ingredient. Sometimes, benzoyl peroxide is in cosmetics, and that product might be applied directly to the skin, causing a reaction. In Tammy Taylor Acrylic the benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that cures, drying to a hard surface and there is no skin contact. For this reason I would say it is not the acrylic, but the over-use of primer. When the cuticle area is flooded, you may have a primer burn. It is also important to remember to apply the product thinly; thick nails generally cause more heat while the product is setting up. You always want to apply one nail at a time to avoid any cracking between the free edge and the nail body. Another thing you may want to consider is that soaking off your nails can make them more sensitive, so you may want to have the client soak her nails off the night before she is going to get a new set. If you need the product to set up slower for this client, you can use the product slightly more wet. I hope all this information helps you and your client.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor

Tammy makes time to give Taylor (her youngest son) a massage and buffs his nails.



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